Kingdom- Sabrina Escorcio

There is a home
within mind,
I choose
to cling to.

The absence of light
hides indifference.
Chisels warn
carving idols of stone
that crumble to dust.

Building in darkness
a castle from ruins,
furnishing rooms
with pride and hope.

Forgotten ghosts
wander reckless;
painting on walls,
portraits of past
for me
to observe.
to never forget,
who it is that I am.

Queen of my castle.
on my knees
in this kingdom I hide

Sabrina Escorcio

Photo credit to Antonio Mora

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From the Rib of Adam- Sabrina Escorcio

From the rib of Adam
her splintered self remains,
fruit of scarlet rebellion
devoured and consumed,
seeds of truth swallowed
bring knowledge to bloom

An ache carried within
the hollow of her belly,
a source of life in shroud
born into sheer will,
a desire for freedom
that will not be stilled

She walks a fertile path
in a covenant with self,
as his flesh does sting
with wounds he cannot hide,
from the wayward thorn
pulled from his side.

Sabrina Escorcio

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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Slumber- Sabrina Escorcio

I woke to a dream
where cicadas hummed louder
than my mind could speak.
Where the earth cried out
each sin from within its depths,
a spring from past delusion
flowed out of bedrock
as blood through my viens.

I remained there, asleep
with eyes wide open
to never see the sun,
in search for darkest light.
Upon a bed of soil and mulch,
where roots lined my bed
just as the bones of my ribs
encase the truth within its cage.

Sabrina Escorcio

You can read more of Sabrina’s writing at Una Zingara