By Oldepunk


At the Altar of Life

granite and obsidian

carved into all that is, was, or will be

are the letters, in silver

of my existence

I am the nightbringer

I am shadow, and dust

lost dreams and broken homes

dark rooms and rust

I appear as you do

but the curse I bear

Oh, the sorrow

you will come to know


life leech


draining sustenance

all of you are candles

But I am a pyre

You will love me, feed me

support me

carry me home

Call me friend, brother, sister, lover

Wife or Husband

we strive to live as you

We wish to taste love

As you do, to commit freely

The curse

And oh, the sorrow

How I wish to give

But all I can do is


And Take

The lies, the drugs, the sex

The gambling and gin

The doctors, the lawyers, the authorities

The institutions that came and went

All to quiet this

raging conflagration within

You can never understand

your love you give and you give

Over and over

more and more

With the fears and the memories

of what has come before

The Wasteland in my mind

haunts dense and deadly

the war with ghosts

that no one can see

This chain of horror

that clenches my throat

Of use to none

I will scorch and burn

Everything I see

I try to show you how to burn

Just like me

I am the nightbringer

And I can only grant you

my tragedy

Oh, the sorrow…

You have come to know

The hard truth you see

the only way to save yourself,

The only way to love me

Is by letting me go

And you know who I am

I know that you see

Mark these words dear

before you burn

Just Like Me




Intervention-Georgia Park/Private Bad Thoughts

“Georgia, you are a wonderful person
and a loyal, supportive friend
but you have the worst taste in men.
Honestly, i think you should just
stop dating.”

“But my new year’s resolution-”

“Yeah, you need a new one. Here’s
an example of an acceptable goal:
To become a poet.
and unacceptable:
To fall in love again.
do you see the difference?
This is 3 months now,
you’ve been suffering
and I honestly think it’s just
because you’re goal oriented
but you can’t control
his douche-bagginess
and we don’t want you
to see him again.
Here, read us
some of the drunk texts
you’ve sent.”

“‘…wherez ur feeeelings1…’
‘…god will smite uou!1…’
‘…i am a HUMA PERSONNN…’
Ahem. Yeah, ok. i can see
what you’re saying.
But I still don’t think-”

[Georgia Park is creator of Private Bad Thoughts, curator of Whisper and the Roar a feminist literary collective, and a writer for Sudden Denouement. She is a wonderful poet with an enormous heart. We can’t imagine this journey without her. Please check out more of her wonderful work.]