Deaf – Howl Davies

I came back for the silence,
for the roots that were reclaimed
after being torn out the earth
a dozen times, it’s a lonely place,
but that’s all I really look for,
the slack jaw greeting of the mute,
the sense of nothing to hide
like a glass house filled with ghosts,
the kind that don’t frighten me,
there’s a tone deaf dial tone
humming next to my first marital bed
from the last time I was here,
and I keep it close,
for now,
blind to the haram
of undisclosed queries,
away from those constantly
trying to know one another,
but no one knows anyone,
that’s just life.
I’m better here,
in this oasis I’ve built
for myself, with the shrine
on my fathers deathbed
which I still don’t touch,
I’m breaking the silence
with a kick at the door,
or the drop of a glass,
just to ensure I haven’t gone deaf.


[Howl Davies is the ringleader at The Sounds Inside.]

Shallow Certainty-Sperantia Zavala

Take me higher, so far away

This toxic place was never meant for someone like me

Despair chained by merciless desolation

An emptiness that is suffocating

Stinging tears, each formed of crippling isolation  

True love can set me free

Yet, bleeding dysfunction is dripping all over me  

I glimpse a distant doorway leading me somewhere else

My only comrade on this lonely journey is hope

Shallow certainty this life may transform for the better

One day my wishful heart will escape from here

Discontent, you cannot drag me down forever

[Sperantia Zavala is a guest contributor for Sudden Denouement. Her works include “Nothing that I Want” and “My Foolish Heart.”]