Been Bloody – SRP


From Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective, available on Amazon

Terror fills the streets
in dark
as we cry to ourselves
sleep at night
you don’t know me
How many days how many nights
when we pull out
and scratch out
Done seen too much
the information is relentless
I didn’t have a choice
won’t make it
you gave me the gun
tried to make it
She was standing there
right in front of him
and all i can see
is red
red red red
And i can’t wash it
i can’t take it
we both are
still here

SRP is co-creator and editor for Sudden Denouement.

Two Seconds-OldePunk/RamJet Poetry

by Oldepunk



looking down from

the edge of earth

there is a hole

in my chest

my essence is pouring out

nuances of memories and

the skeletons of dreams

no one seems to notice

there’s a hole

in my chest

and you can see straight through me

put down in configuration

of paper mache´ and Indian dye

clutter surrounds the opening

I cannot seem to return

pieces to their origin

a grin, a sin, thought of a friend

who is falling through

the hole in my chest

entertaining landscape ebullient

tamp down edges

seal in bronze and copper

vast is all that comes to mind

2 seconds last eternity

I hear the thunder of Zeus

casting vengeance into the nether

dropped to my knees

I know not what to do

there is so much time

there is no time

the parade of echoes

rushing down my

stomach and thighs

merging with distance and gravity

i am forever, i am nothing

horses running wild in the visions

that hammer home a

stifling conclusion

a shocking bulletin

there is a

hole in my chest

I fall back, imploding through

the beginning

I recall womb-love

hearth and home

faces dear and

old stale fears

I am born again as I hear

my last words dropping from

the edge of the earth

“Help me, I think I’ve been shot”

I had died prior to having

the hole in my chest

It was a curious demise