Meet Sudden Denouement Collective Member Georgia Park


The editors of Sudden Denouement Literary Collective know that our strength is our writers. We hope that you enjoy getting to know them through our new Writer Interview Series.

What name do you write under?

Georgia Park

In what part of the world do you live?

I live in Salem, MA, USA. I lived in South Korea for several years and saved up enough money while I was there that I could have started a life anywhere. I considered moving to Germany or Chicago afterwards, but Salem is my Ithaca. It’s a small, touristy town on the ocean with a community of artists, which includes some of my greatest friends and worst enemies. I need the friends to inspire me and the enemies to keep my competitive edge.

It also has a lot of little pockets of nature for hiking, fantastic diners, is close to NYC, Boston, and Vermont, and not too far from Canada (just in case). Finally, there is a sufficient amount of Korean food to be had here. I love it.

Please tell us about yourself.
I am finishing a master’s in writing and will pursue an MFA or doctorate next. I am so proud to be a part of Sudden Denouement and Whisper and the Roar. With encouragement from the editors at both of these collectives, I have gone on to publish a book, Quit Your Job and Become a Poet (Out of Spite), and I continue keep up my poetry blog obsessively. I do fictional and non-fictional, funny, playful, dark, morbid, Trump related and non Trump related poems, with or without an emphasis on travel.
I work just over full time as a report editor and then edit some more for fun in between writing my thesis and reviewing books, so although I do have at least two books coming out, I’m not sure when I’ll find the time to write them. Hopefully soon.

Rave reviews:
“Park is a cabaret player for the page….Her poems are agile, improvisational, and pleasingly untidy.” -Zachary Bos, Pen and Anvil Press

“Georgia Park has a wonderful talent.” -Jasper Kerkau, Sudden Denouement

“Put on your seatbelts, because this poet has a tendency to take you places.”-Michelle La Poetica, Dencity

“Fresh, driven, surprising…” -J.D. Scrimgeour, Salem Writers

“…a natural voice. I feel the deep sense of loss, search, and emotion [in] ..the raw openness of your work.” -Jonathon Starke, Palooka

“[Georgia Park] carries complex emotion through swift, abrupt line breaks, creating a palpable and thoughtful sense of motion for the reader.” -Tethered by letters, F(r)iction

“…Shit.” -General murmur in the audience

“I will never eat spaghetti again.” -Unnamed slam poet

If you have a blog or website, please provide the name and the link.

When did you begin your blog/website, and what motivated you start it?
When I returned to America from South Korea, I suffered a bit of a nervous breakdown. I resurrected a blog I had when I was young after I had a falling out with the only person in town I knew, a local writer, who called me some very nasty names. I didn’t know anyone else and felt like I couldn’t join the local writing community after that, so I brought it to the web, where Jasper Kerkau (creator of Sudden Denouement) found me and left encouraging comments. I had a habit of deleting blogs and starting new ones under different names at the time, and Jasper always found me. It was his encouragement that first motivated me to continue on. He has been a huge support and inspiration, along with Christine Ray.

What inspires/motivates you to keep blogging on your site?
I’ve often said that my poetry is like piss, shit and vomit. It just keeps coming out. A more interesting question for me would be what inspires me to stop blogging on my site. Occasionally I get paranoid about who reads and privatize it or I’ll experience a lull. During the lulls in posting poetry on my blog, I am either reading or writing outside of poetry. Outside of poetry, I also write newspaper articles (not under my pseudonym) for the local paper, non-fiction, and fiction, which I tend not to post.

When did you join the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective?
A few months after coming home from Korea, in November of 2016.

Why/how did you join Sudden Denouement?
I eventually decided to research Jasper Kerkau, faithful commenter that he was, discovered Sudden Denouement, and asked to join. I felt completely alone before that. It really changed my life for the better in that I have found the courage to surrender to my dream and make writing my life, practical or not.

What does “Divergent Literature” mean to you?
Take a look at Sudden Denouement, and you’ll see it right away. The writers themselves are of all identities and walks of life, and their pieces are crafted with diverse techniques from wildly various subject matter.

I had a professor in college once assign us three poetry books, all by straight white males, all talking about their childhoods. With all the diversity that exists in the writing world, on all levels, I think that’s such a sin.

SD Founder Jasper Kerkau frequently talks about Sudden Denouement writers using the ‘secret language’. What is it?
Fdsk mone oi e.

What are your literary influences?
David Sedaris, Jack Keroauc (poetry), Jim Behrle, Laura Mullen, Jasper Kerkau, Christine Ray

Has any of your work been published in print? (books, literary magazines, etc.) How did that happen?
Yes, in the Sudden Denouement anthology, the Offbeat literary journal (I submitted through submittable), and Pen and Anvil Press made a bite-sized chapbook for me as well as included me in a bite sized breakfast themed chapbook. Pen and Anvil press accepted me because I went to a writer’s group in Boston and cried about how much I hate the writers in Salem and needed to show at least one of them how much better I was. In fact, most of my literary achievements have been born of spite or vengeance. Sudden Denouement and Whisper and the Roar are the only two that were born of love.
Speaking of which, I will also be featured in one of Sudden Denouement editor Nicholas Gagnier’s forthcoming anthologies, All the Lonely People.

I’ve also had a book published and wrote a couple articles for the local newspaper, if that counts.

Do you have writing goals? What are they?
I want to get into a fully funded MFA when I’m finished with my master’s, mostly because it will buy me more time to write. If that doesn’t happen, I may do some part time work for full time money overseas (I’m thinking teach college in China or Saudi Arabia). I really need more time to write.

I want to publish a second poetry book with Sudden Denouement. I want to be asked to do more readings. My third book will be nonfiction essays, ala David Sedaris. I am working on both now.

Which pieces of your own writing are your favorites? Please share a few links.
Crumpled Up Biographies
I Just Got Back

What else would like to share about your writing, Sudden Denouement, or yourself?
The members of Sudden Denouement are not vicious or competitive, but completely supportive. This is a really special community that doesn’t exist in such a pure state elsewhere in the writing world. I am so proud to call the members of Sudden Denouement my friends. Together, we can take over the world.

Georgia Park Reviews I am a World of Uncertainties Disguised as a Girl by Nicole Lyons

Sudden Denouement’s own Georgia Park tells you why ‘I am a World of Uncertainties Disguised as a Girl’ should be in your library.

‘I am a World of Uncertainties Disguised as a Girl is available for purchase at

Georgia’s book Quit Your Job and Become a Poet (Out of Spite) is available at Lulu in paperback and ebook format.



To-Do – Georgia Park

To-Do – Georgia Park

Forget your insecurities about those scars, everything looks good in the dark.

Don’t hold your breath until you turn purple. Throwing fits like this can make your boyfriend feel blue. He doesn’t deserve to.

Don’t blush or show a red hot temper with acquaintances. They are probably not bad people and anyways, it’s not like they can eat you.

Eat more fruit! Buy strawberries and oranges. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can find a recipe for some sort of fruit stew. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

If an acquaintance turns out to be evil, it’s ok to be a little yellow bellied. Run for the hills! But before embracing cowardice, let them prove it to you. Forget your preconceptions.

Don’t eat sweets. Freak out and eat too many sweets. Turn green. Feel sick enough that you try to reverse time. Fail miserably.

Eat more veggies! Eggplants are nice and a very pleasant shade of nightblack purple, which is oddly reassuring.

[Georgia Park is the creator of Private Bad Thoughts, curator of Whisper and the Roar a feminist literary collective, and a writer for Sudden Denouement. She is a wonderful poet with an enormous heart. We can’t imagine this journey without her. Please check out more of her wonderful work.]

Faucet Clock – Georgia Park

It’s just easier sometimes
to say no hard feelings
than to point out the
disgusting oozing

To gesture wildly
at all the park benches we sat on,
the jovial conversations
the drunken escapades
(Oh, what was I thinking…)
the time, so hard won
for you to get,
so utterly wasted

The trust I was building
out of soluble materials
thoughts unspoken
feelings misspent
on some scapegoat or another
never the answer
and he never told me anything

In the sink, stupidly,
with thoughts so ridiculous,
so logicless such as
“so as not to make a mess!”
I built it
under a forever leaking faucet
sounding like a clock
tick tock
drip drop

Persistently becoming
the one thing you can rely on
I listen to my faucet clock
drip drop
tick tock
and this is how
I foster trust
I know it will never be fixed
so long as I’m in charge of it

It’s just easier sometimes
to say no hard feelings
than to cry out
“You’re a fraud!”
That way it’s all wrapped up
and I just think, anyways,
well, of course he was.

That was just as inevitable
as the next drip or tock
from my forever leaking
faucet clock



[Georgia Park is the creator of Private Bad Thoughts, curator of Whisper and the Roar a feminist literary collective, and a writer for Sudden Denouement. She is a wonderful poet with an enormous heart. We can’t imagine this journey without her. Please check out more of her wonderful work.]

A Note from Grendel’s Mother – Georgia Park


i am ready for you to kick me out
im itching to hit the road
ill take my buddhist prayer beads
and my rawhide bones
ill take my stuffed animal carcasses
my dog who shits on the carpet
ill take all the men who visited
except one of them

because i just cant. i cant. i cant.
i cant do this

ill drink up all your liquor
ill wake up howling
my buddhist prayer beads
are made of animal skeletons
i think
though i was told
the bones are genuine human

i just cant do this.

i want my cave littered
i’ll keep the dead
we have a healthy relationship
i cant be trusted with the living
my own son and i
dont even speak the same language

i don’t much like talking.
and i cant.

i cant do this.
i cant do this. i cant do this again.

[Georgia Park is a brilliant poet, who possesses something very special. She was instrumental in the evolution of SD. We are honored to publish her work.]

Quit Your Job and Become a Poet – Georgia Park


Once a week we will be highlighting books by Sudden Denouement members and friends. The first book is Georgia Park’s first book of poetry. Georgia is the personification of the warrior poet. She has an infectious energy I do not see in most writers. I have come to know Georgia very well in this process and can bear witness to her passion for poetry and her unique style of writing. Georgia’s book is available through I would make the case that Georgia’s work is a worthy investment for anyone who has a passion for literature. Georgia defines her collection as such:
This poetry collection has a beginning, middle and an end. It covers two months’ worth of misadventures in the life of an embittered and slightly arrogant young woman who decides to quit her job to become a poet out of spite after being called a few choice names. Sometimes you will like her; sometimes you may not. Sometimes you may laugh or cry or want your money back. But life’s not very fair that way, now is it? This is a coming of age story, and that age is almost thirty ……….
Here is a link for her wonderful collection of poetry: Quit Your Job and Become a Poet. Her website is Private Bad Thoughts.
Georgia also runs a feminist collective Whisper and the Roar. She is always looking for feminist writers. If you are not familiar with it, please take a minute and check it out.
We love Georgia Park. She is an inspiration to us all.
Jasper Kerkau


Pelicans – Georgia Park

in the water, i have no weight
the sun is blazing,
the pelicans keep diving
into the green smooth water
i see them gulping down
some fish or other
over and over
you float my body
you rock me until
i fall asleep
then you drag me
onto the shore
and you fuck me
I see that the pelicans
are pretty
and they never scream

[Georgia Park is a poet! She is writes for Private Bad Thoughts, Whisper and the Roar, and Sudden Denouement. Whisper and the Roar is literary collective that Park created to provide a voice for feminist poets. Please take a look at her work and contact her for submissions.]