Logic Fails- Introducing Nicholas Gagnier

I’ve been reflecting on my place in the universe, a
sense of worth from all these travels. I’ve been resenting the
berths between us, the mirth
of mania so eagerly
yet never malleable enough to close the gap.
I’ve been obsessing over how to make this last,
doing the math to make you stay,
but all the variables are based in
barely equations in name.
I’ve been dissenting, instead, embracing my
wrath, for the day all
logic fails and arithmetic won’t hold us
back, considering how five figures
amount to jack, and
sound out the solutions we were once unable to
I’m out of pieces to divide among you, at long
fucking last; no methods to madness, just
riddles and
relapses, a
hypothesis to
It wasn’t always going to be
this way, but I know
no part of
you still
believes that.

Nicholas Gagnier is a Canadian writer and poet, and the creator of Free Verse Revolution. He has published eight books of poetry and will release his debut novel in 2019. Nicholas is also a mental health advocate, music lover and whiskey enthusiast. He lives in Ottawa with his wife and young daughter.