Alfa Reviews Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

If you find yourself hungry for the kind of words that walk boldly into the dark filled spaces of your poetic heart, be prepared to put your dancing shoes on.  This anthology is a collective kaleidoscope of fragmented and pulsing light from some of the most talented writers around the globe.  Having them intermingle, and rubbing shoulders against each other in one volume – is a gala for the senses.  Every page begins a new dance, and these writers have intricate and unashamed moves. Shake the dust off and spin that heart and soul around, because you are going to want to twirl all night long in arms of those who will look into your eyes with understanding, and delve into your misunderstood heart with compassion. The writers voices blend together in a satisfying gulp; Tasting one minute like jungle juice with bawdy friends on a Saturday night, and then powerfully like a time travel elixir that lets you relive all the parts of a past you thought were ashes on the moon.

Anthologies are wonderful eye openers because you are exposed to so many new writers and their own individual styles of writing.

Some standouts for me were:

Henna Sjoblom Her poem Miscarriage splayed me. Every word. So good.

Weekly Meetings by Georgia Park brought every insecurity I had out into the cold  and then blanketed them with every word  thereafter.

I found delicious comfort in every scar I quilted. Phenomenal.

These days when you have a daughter by Samantha Lucero lefts its mark because as a mother I found so much truth in her words.

Out of my hands by Matthew D. Eayre  The tears -both happy and sad, would not stop.

In Blues and Golds by Nicole Lyons proves she is a treasure under the sea in her exceptional craftmanship of imagery.

Lost Voice by Christine E. Ray left me spellbound. I felt every word. Like a willow tree shaking her hair after an afternoon romp.

Even now, with every step I feel the vibrations under my feet. I will carry these words with me.

There are so many more I could list, but suffice to say this anthology will be one I read time and time again.

It is an absolute must for every poetry lovers poetic library.

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A Righteous End- Christine Ray

i woke in the place
where you play god
naked upon the white
marble sheets
stigmata roses
blooming crimson
in my palms
across my breasts
and sex
a fragrant garland
of my sins
left to adorn
this shrine
the holy spirit
dripped slowly
into my eyes
from where you
impaled me with
the crown
of thorns
you placed
upon my brow
crystallizing the visions
tasted of spiced honey
when it fell upon
my torn lips
parched tongue
you had roared
accused me of
taking your sacred
name in vain
when I declared
that you were not
my true god
merely an idol
a token
you tried to
baptize me
in the fire
cleanse me
of my affliction
but you are the one
smoldering in a
dark corner
all rage and ashes
while I resurrect
with the dawn
of the sun


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Christine Ray is a writing, editing tornado who touches down at Brave and Reckless, Sudden DenouementSudden Denouement Publishing, Whisper and the RoarBlood Into Ink, the Go Dog Go Cafe and Indie Blu(e).