Free Falling Angel




Another slow silent sigh creeps across our

eyes and reminds us of the lives

we used to lead

I remember fearing the failing leaders

as we dogs nipped at their heels

hoping for little salvations

and it’s a crazy kinda hatred

that burns in my mind

the kind that makes you cry

when you pull the trigger

alas, against the ghosts of your hopes,

the shared dreams of a moonless night,

and the heartfelt meanderings on a dawnless day

We pay our prices

Our idols expect their tributes

For tribulation is what we all most desire

when our lives are on fire

So step softly in the valley

temptation is stalking you

like a doe in the wood

unseen but felt beyond

the slow blue horizon

There is no distinction between right and wrong here

it is merely the perceptions of the strong

taking hold

do not let fly your gasp of innocence

the angels know you better than that

Iconoclastic nuances permeate your conversation

reality building walls in a fantasy

Some may walk in shadow

others tread in light

We have praised the dying prophets who

whisper promises cloaked in blasphemy

I can fear for myself no more

as I no longer fear you either

quiet, quiet now…

everything will not be alright


Just Deserts – Nicole Lyons

Just Deserts – Nicole Lyons (The Lithium Chronicles)

If only you would vanish
and stay
hidden away in some desolate place,
buried and long forgotten,
I wouldn’t feel this need
to escape
my own mind
and the memories that lurk within.
They enthrall me
in the sickest way,
these thoughts upon memories
born out of the torment
you fed me.
And sometimes the taste of them,
the regret,
surges back into my mouth,
thick like honey,
to stick to my tongue.
And I would be lying
if I told you
that I didn’t think
about going back
for a second helping

[Nicole Lyons writes for The Lithium Chronicles, as well as being a contributor editor and writer for Sudden Denouement. Her poetry is smart, emotional, and an inspiration to many. She is a friend, a collaborator, and a caring human being who is very giving of herself and her time. I am honored to have begun to get know her and present her work on this forum. Thank you Nicole for everything you do. Jasper Kerkau]

Tomorrow is Last Day of Contest / Tom Slatin


[Pictured Elis Regina]

Tomorrow is Last Day of Contest / Tom Slatin

Tomorrow is the last day of the contest. I am looking forward to sending the judges your work. We have received an enormous amount of good work, and it is going to be hard to determine a winner. 1st place is 100 dollars. 2nd is 50 dollars. 3rd is 25 dollars. We will publish the finalists. We do not retain rights to any of the works.

I would like to say that the most rewarding part of this process is talking to other writers, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before. I wanted to take a second and say a big thank you to Tom Slatin. He has a wonderful website with photography and writing. When I first started, he gave me invaluable advice about the process and sent me several stickers. I wanted to take a second to say thank you to him for taking his time to reach out to someone who was just starting. I have tried to pass that along and will continue to do so. Please take a moment to look at Tom’s wonderful work:


an average rarity – Lois Linkens


an average rarity – Lois Linkens  lois e. linkens: poems and prose

 your eyes are normal eyes
oh, and your hands are normal too
under your normal clothes
masked, but not disguised
a normal, average body lies.
kept in decent shape,
even your hair may pass as
merely another head
young, edgy, but
hardly noticeable, or remarkable.
each person passes by
away in thoughts their own
rarely do they look at you
taken away by you,
stunned by you, longing to be
kissed by you. but
i could look at you for a thousand years and never
perceive you as anything less than perfect

– you – make – my – heart – skip –

[Lois describes herself as a “confused english student,” though one quickly finds a polished, charming poet in her work. She has an elegant style that compliments her keen insight and whimsical sensibilities. It is a pleasure to present her work, and we ask you to take a second to look at more of her wonderful work. Loislinks

The Spirit of Home – Introducing Sumaiya Muneer


Sumaiya Muneer – MULTITUDES

Moon-soaked and reverent.
I long for your phosphorescence,
your astral bones.
Half body, half something else.
Something humming in my
I do think I am a bit mad
for you.
I do think the skies
have found the dawn in us,
unfurling. The certainty of
your touch has me
everything else the light
[Sumaiya Muneer is poet currently studying in Saudi Arabia. She has a poignant, distinctive style that is accented by a unique approach to poetry. Please take a moment to look at a larger selection of her works: Sumaiya Muneer – MULTITUDES.]

The Gift I Saved For You – Introducing Stephanie Bennett-Henry


I spent a lot of time crawling
around in the dark
trying to avoid the unknown places
where monsters hide.
Careful not to wish for anything,
in fear those wishes would turn
into nightmares
waking me with the cold sweat of fear.
And I slept with one eye open
or I never slept at all.
Sometimes I think maybe
I’ve been sleepwalking
this whole time.
There’s some comfort in that thought.
That I’ll wake up
in a dark hallway and recognize
my surroundings as the home
I believed in, a dream come true
that didn’t wake me to say…
“I was never more than lies disguised as bricks”,
wood painted over with two coats
of someone laughing at me.
But that comfort is nothing
more than a security blanket
I wrap myself in and it’s shredded.
I’m saving those pieces for you.
The monsters found their hiding place
in your eyes and I’ve been counting for years.
Ready or not… here I come…
when you least expect it.
I’m bringing those pieces back to you.
Because it’s only fair
for you to feel each one
until it ruins you.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Poetry of SL

Stephanie Bennett-Henry is a fierce poet who speaks with the beautiful tone of courage. She boldly proclaims, “No one can take the Fire out of your soul…” and “I have stood my ground, I am not breaking.” Her work is rife with poetic defiance. We are honored by her participation. Please look at her bio and more of her wonderful body of work:

Poetry of SL
Stephanie Bennett-Henry
Raging Rhetoric


Divergent Literature Contest UPDATE


There are only three days left in the Sudden Denouement Divergent Literature Contest. December 1st the submissions will be judged by panel of contributors from Sudden Denouement.  We will start posting finalist shortly thereafter. The finalists will be notified in advanced.

Panel Includes:

We have received many, many wonderful submissions. It has been a gift to be able to talk to so many of you. It has been the most rewarding part of the process. I look forward to speak more of you in the near future.

We are pleased to announce that we will be posting several new writers this week. Tomorrow we are posting a work by Stephanie Barrett-Henry. She is someone we have been aware of for some time, and, to say the least, it is an honor to be able to publish her work. We will be publishing a work by Mai Winters, Multitudes, who possesses amazing talent.  In addition to Mai, we are going to be featuring a poem by Max Meunier.

That would normally be enough, but we will also be presenting a new work by the incomparable Nicole Lyons of The Lithium Chronicles. She is a tremendously talented writer, contributing editor/writer for Sudden Denouement, and one of our favorite people.

Lastly, Miss Georgia Park is starting a feminist collective called Whisper to the Roar.  She is currently looking for contributors/collaborators. Submit your poetry to Georgia at

Jasper Kerkau