Being Near You-Georgia Park/Private Bad Thoughts

Georgia Park/Private Bad Thoughts

An anonymous collective of poetry

Like a thousand Chinese lanterns
drifting from the river into space
I am a thousand eyes expectantly watching
your gradual disappearance,
I am placated and amazed

I am a gaptoothed idiot
every one of my teeth
seem to go missing or
sucked into the black hole of a grin
I’m adorned with
whenever you come near me
like a cat, I am purring

and I figure you are just back
for a brief interval
my expectations are lowered
like a balloon I let go
on graduation day

I figure, hey,
at least I finally felt
the feelings
i’ve been reading about
that look so lovely
on so many people-
it doesn’t make sense
and it doesn’t need to

man, I just really love
being near you

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of the sins that run inherited through our voices. #1-Ari Purkayastha/Fallen Alone

Ari Purkayastha/Fallen Alone

Fallen Alone

i’m sorry.

you’d asked me to wait,
and i had forgotten
the quiet sound
of your prayer
falling softly through
a broken february

that night
we spit out our longing
at our feet
and fucked the demons
under our beds
as if the sky was
turning blind
of ocular melanoma.

••ari purkayastha

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sisters of the coal-Samantha Lucero

Samantha Lucero

samantha lucero


ask the moonstone-girl about the other world

while her heart’s still in that rustproof iron

w h i s p e r

while the streets are still a red river,

apprehended in a jar

while the milk is still imprisoned

inside of cupid’s bow

ask her about that anointed chatter

in her interstellar slumber, mewling

like a gilded reliquary of jailed deities

radiating, grinning, breathing on the cosmic window

how do you tell the silverbell laughter

dangling in the nameless dark

s t o p, your gold perfume is too peeled

the lightning portrait in the hall

a triad keep of myth-children

b e w a r e, i smell your crimson

how do i tell this velvet stranger,

this primordial diamond cupping coal

that the overcast crypt survives

the bleary straggler lingers

to starve and skin her core

i want it to snow, too

but i can’t shake the…

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Smiles-Olde Punk/RamJet Poetry

Olde Punk-RamJet Poetry

RamJet Poetry


I’m followed by a shadow called danger

it smiles occasionally

the grin is disfigured and frightening

to the unlearned, almost beautiful

in the smile is a joke with no humor

and little patience

the joke is a twisted, morbid affair with

little humor and undeniable hunger

knowledge of the instruments of ire

very useful in thought and deed

severed voices combine on the wire

combustion impact oranges blossom

add another scar to my life

gangrene rehabilitation

blood of the fruit flows in floral vintages thick and sweet

tainted white with a twist of shameless passion

Mercy hospital plays heart-strings

a mournful sound

a tangled skein of broken thread

becomes cloak for my soul

fragile spaghetti western town

a wooden eggshell

face upon face upon face

masques of deceit and despair

Viking retributions in modern-day life

calling on your contributions

alive, yet not

you and your ways

slave to master despised…

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Caged-Malicia Frost/Malicia’s Malebolge

Malicia Frost-Malicia’s Malebolge

Murder Tramp Birthday


Are you attracted to wounded animals?
Come here, sweetie
I’ll show you my scars
tell you how I’ve suffered
to make you get on your knees for me
I’m not responsible
For your careless desires
Do you like it only when it can’t hurt you?
Do you like it only when I whimper?
You should be ashamed
You’re the one walking
on the other side of the bars
Won’t you pity a carcass
an empty lover
to hide inside?
I would have heard you say no
if I didn’t see the blood from your flower
dripping down your bruised legs
to love is to convince yourself
there is nothing more
out there


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Beyond the Grave-Max Meunier/Dissociative Void

Max Meunier-Dissociative Void

Max or Not

we obscure our words
for fear
of truths
only they hold

unable to bear
the letters
staring back
so stark and cold

we must express
our feelings
lest we tend
our spirit’s death

like blood
begins congealing
with every
unspoken breath

none would choose
to bear such burden
from an ivory tower
of pain

shattered tears
shall heed no warden
each and every
one the same

so it is
through words
thus written
of what pervades

dormant tales
to be spoken
from beyond
the grave

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