Sudden Denouement Presents: The Thief and the Architect at Notsuoh

Amazing performance by The Thief and the Architect at Sudden Denouement Presents at Notsuoh on Friday Feb 23. It was an amazing performance. Thank you to Justin Valdez of JustInspireTV and Shawn Archibald for recording the event. And a big thank you to Rich of Super Robot Party, one of the best bands in Houston, for putting together such a great event.

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Filmed by Shawn Archibald (IG: @shawn.wzdm)

Super Robot Party
The Thief and the Architect
The Deadhearts
Such Marvelous Monsters
Sudden Denouement


Super Robot Party EP – Mechanical Heart Digital Soul Released in Conjunction with Sudden Denouement


Super Robot Party has released an EP in cooperation with Sudden Denouement. We are branching into new mediums. Rich of SRP, is co-creator of Sudden Denouement, and part of the reason that we are where we are today. We look forward to partnering with other musicians who are part of the collective and eventually producing a compilation.

Take a second and check out their music. It is hard-driving shoegaze, seeped in the brooding lyrics of Rich, with much which, at times,  moves from melodic to punishing. The EP is 3.95 on ITunes.

Mechanical Heart Digital Soul – EP – Super Robot Party

Jasper Kerkau