Praise for Pantheon by Eric Syrdal

“Pantheon” is a thrilling philosophical journey exploring the depth and meaning for one passing through a metaphorical world of inner demons and dragons, goddesses of the soul, of warrior and poet. A journey that crosses boundaries of time, space, and perception.  I am captured by the intimate revelations of this intuitive and sympathetic protagonist battling the dark ages of his subconscious moving instinctively forward into innerscape, relying upon and exalting the virtue goddesses that guide and deliver him from barbarity and trial by ordeal both physical and spiritually as he transports from one state of being to another, from one point of time to another”

Holly Rene Hunter
House of Heart

“The poetry is densely colourful, rich in imagery and sensuality, boldly imaginative and deeply sensitive to the human condition, while being written with clarity and emotional pull. I found myself sitting for three hours, empty coffee cups scattered around me, utterly absorbed in the storytelling and the crafting of language. Syrdal has created something very powerful, using elements of history, science fiction, worldly fantasy and unmistakable reality to bind these pieces together in a system of belief and fantastic-theology that appears utterly believable, utterly intoxicating.”

Lois E. Linkens

I won’t spoil the brilliant conclusion of this novel, suffice to say, if it is your desire to read something astoundingly original, from a writer who is not only a truly breathtaking author, deft with supernatural words and ideas, but a dreamer of worlds, who will blow any preconceived notions you have away and leave you shell shocked by the sheer power of his mind, then I cannot recommend Eric Syrdal and his novel Pantheon more highly. “I built this beach / and the stars / and the moon …. I turn back the wheels of heaven / and make time stop and rewind / over and over ….. Because I don’t know how to tell him / A machine had a wish.”

Candice Louisa Daquin, Author of Pinch the Lock
The Feathered Sleep

Sonata: Excerpt from Eric Syrdal’s Pantheon

She has seen evidence
of the beast
everywhere around her
Through the streets
of the city
it leaves its evidence
on the grey landscape

Scorch marks on the concrete
broken scales on the playgrounds
teeth shattered and discarded
in the gutter
shades of green and brown
but often clear like ice

She hears its wings
scraping on the sides
of their tenement
at night
While everyone but she
is sleeping

She’s heard its low growl
The heavy air of its presence
in the hallway
right outside her door

Pure of heart…

Her blood formed a natural
resistance to the beast

When the pressure of
the outside world bowed in
on her
The air would thicken enough
that she could hear its voice
speaking to her in rich whispers

But her life was solid and
secure behind the ramparts
she had spent the dearest
years of her existence building

And so…
she would go…
from gatehouse to field
from field to gatehouse
day in
day out
collecting her wages
from the lord of the land
Paying her tithe
to king and country

Feeding mouths which cannot feed themselves
saving the scraps for herself
Dining alone in the kitchen
When the rest of the world is in repose
fat and groggy on a full belly

Retiring herself to a lump-filled mattress
only when the hearts and breaths
of those around her
beat the slow rhythm of slumber

It is then,
In this time where dreams hang
just out of reach

That the dragon speaks

A thin crack
no bigger than a length of
brown hair
from her head
will let it filter in

The voice…
like salted butter
on warm bread
aged and beautiful
like a rich wine
from ancient Greece

What harm could be done?

let it inside
let it crawl around the floor
under the kitchen table
around the chair
sleep on the window sill

It steals a small, reptilian kiss
from her lips
like a playful suitor…

Watching TV at 3am
Away from home and the hearts that need her
In the moments between heartbeats

When the world takes its accusing eyes off of her

A flicker of a forked tongue
a trickle of fire
down the throat

Serpentuously sliding itself
around her heart
purring there
until morning

Leaving no trace

Gentlemanly stealing away
before dawn
taking with it, the guest key
sweetly provided
and leaving in its place
a lovely note of:

“fond wishes and thank you for a lovely evening”

Flowery signature
punctuated with a long stem rose

And so it comes to pass
that the dragon and the damsel
purchase a delicate peace
and defer payment to a
nondescript weekday of the far future

Pantheon is coming soon from Sudden Denouement Publishing

Eric Syrdal is a poet/author.  He’s an avid gamer and Sci-Fi enthusiast. He enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy literature and spends a great deal of his writing time focused in those genres.  He is a romantic, at heart. His work usually contains elements of the supernatural and fantastic along with potent female voices and archetypes.

He is from New Orleans, Louisiana, where he lives with wife and two children.  You can read more Eric’s writing at My Sword and ShieldWhisper and The Roar and can follow him on his Facebook Author Page

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Now Available: Nicole Lyons’ Blossom and Bone

Sudden Denouement Publishing is thrilled to announce that Nicole Lyons stunning third book of poetry, Blossom and Bone, has been officially released.

Praise for Blossom and Bone:

“A beautifully crafted work of art that will punch you in the
face with its gritty realism before soothing your wounds with
elegant prose, thought provoking lines, and sublime imagery.”
– Samuel Decker Thompson, author of Our Fucked Up Hearts

“Lyons is connecting on a primal level here, all the while brilliantly
splitting herself along dual lines. She draws an effortless
parallel between desire to live and acceptance she cannot beat
– Nicholas Gagnier, author of Leonard The Liar

“I knew from the first page that Blossom and Bone would rekindle
the love affair I had with ‘HUSH’ and ‘I am a World of
Uncertainties Disguised as a Girl’. Lyons words lasso and then
cajole your heart. Old or new fan, you will love how she rips you
apart, and then puts you back together again. This poetry book
needs to be on your bedside table, because I promise you, you
will reach for it again and again.”
– Alfa Holden, author of Abandoned Breaths

“Nicole Lyons is a writer of the now. She is a woman of the
now. Her pulse can be heard in every syllable in Blossom and
Bone. There is a kindling rage in her words, a don’t-you-dareturn-
away quality to the exorcism of her truths, she stares into
places others skip over, she disgorges the dirt like an excavator
of pain, and presents it as you would a film, blinking in front of
you, refusing to let you ignore it.”
– Candice Louisa Daquin, author of Pinch The Lock

Available at Amazon and other major online book retailers.

Congratulations Nicole Lyons and Sudden Denouement Publishing!

We are thrilled to announce that Nicole Lyons’ I Am A World Of Uncertainties Disguised As A Girl has just been awarded the Bronze Medal in Poetry by Readers’ Favorites.  I Am A World Of Uncertainties Disguised As A Girl was published by Sudden Denouement Publishing on November 9, 2017 and has received multiple five-star reviews on Readers’ Favorites.

Read more about it here

I Am A World Of Uncertainties Disguised As A Girl is available for purchase at and other major book retailers.



Coming Sunday, September 9th from Sudden Denouement Publishing: Nicole Lyons’ Blossom and Bone

“I can’t recommend this book enough. I had the honor of providing an honest review before the release, so all I can say is this: set your clocks, set a reminder on your phone. You are going to want to buy this book as soon as it hits the shelves. It belongs on every bookshelf of every person who has ever felt broken or misunderstood or afraid. Of every person who has felt love and loss and hope. Just wait until you see what Nicole Lyons has in store for you. Blossom and Bone will not disappoint. ”
Liz Newman, A Better Today Media

You can read Liz Newman’s full review of Blossom and Bone here.