Falling Down Laughing – Stephen M Crow

For A.E. Pennison

The artist clears his throat and
dashes himself against
the rocks.
this world was too damn cruel.
Now his skin is showing
the effects of the artificial
light. a sallow unhealthy tone
spreads across him like a shadow
the buzzing in his ears an
unwelcome note
pulling from an unknown source
he strikes at the main
with both hands in a furious
scrimmage against sanity and taste.
The audience applauds
his disaster as part of the show.
their ignorance makes him weep.

And it’s this exercise
every night
that contributes to his misery.
this routine of piercing flesh
and vomiting words has begun
to burn his throat.
the sores are pupae
to his newest incarnation.
the hoarse projections
a new art inventing itself
from his timely

Icarus dropped from grace
and plunged like a boulder .
god took his wings
and his inspiration with the sun.
raped by the sea he plunged into .
salt water tearing
the delicate skin of his asshole
teaching the hardest lesson
just before his bones
turned to powder .

[Stephen M Crow is a writer and musician who resides in Pasadena, Texas with his wife, Christy, and their children. Interests include cooking, watching horror movies, listening to music, and spending time with his family.]