Gestalt-OldePunk/RamJet Poetry

RamJet Poetry


Grasping convolutions

anything will do really

corrugated steel rictus

pulls at corners

a shadow play

in ritual dusk

down another

glass of slow derision

at the nearest

watering hole

wondering how and why

I am unholy

reconcile I’m alone

with the pictures

we both inhabit

I could not hold

the fire

so now I choke

on smoke

and bathe in ashes

my breath stinks

of rebellion

my words are heavy

and low, lo

unto tomorrow

riveting the compunction

to depart the now

the how and when of it

matter little

respond to extinguish

the embers

of my love, of

your ruin

I absolve myself

of any wrongdoing

It’s stern

your reflection

I return

to the objection

and babe

it’s all gone down

it’s all your fault

it’s not the noun

it’s not this town

the fade of gestalt

that I caught

standing outside

looking in at

your origins

I am…

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Midnight Precedes-OldePunk/RamJet Poetry & Christine Ray/Brave and Reckless

Originally posted on Secret First Draft

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Secret First Draft: Member of the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

Midnight precedes

The dawning of you

Shadows and peaches

Lavender and spices

Rare, honeyed tongue

Sings rapture

My soliloquy of you

Cool moonlight

Carves your shadow

Against stark walls

But you are smooth whiskey

Intoxicating to my parched soul

Cedar and pine

Warm earth against my skin

From earth it begins

Aquiline movements

Fostered by need

To travel without motion

Traverse the depths

Of the lilac and evergreen

Pools of your eyes

Sacred stolen hours

We claim as our own

We declare victory over the selfish god


In this indigo night

Where everything that is not us

Drifts away

Like silver dust motes

Writ of passage into

The deep dark

Where our secrets

Are kept by the verdant

Grasses and tall oaks

Cottonwood blooms scent

The air of our bonding

We explore our mysteries

Your hands

Clasping mine

Ground me

Connect me

To where our souls and

Bodies entwine

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suffer-OldePunk/RamJet Poetry

RamJet Poetry

the ashes of the undertow disperse

leaving us feeling futile

agnostic reintroduction

to the divine

caring for the lost

we strive to fill the loss

with cherries and hand grenades

I blame you no matter the cost

insouciant male pedigrees

dilapidate our once treasured

stories of peace and pieces

there was a forest

now no more

only scenic noir

fostered by hell’s children

advent the process

of elimination

and strangle my foothold

with your bony fingers

the touch of squirming eels

incarcerate the canon of dust

fall further into the frontier

of nothings and distaste

my Shadow looms above

my soul in someone’s soup

and all of these intangible

paradigms are strewn

on the trees as if

they were Christmas lights

my bucket list is full

of bullshit and lamentation

my heroes have all fallen

to the backchecking of heroin

I’m asking for the chronic

and getting the nostalgic


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By Oldepunk


At the Altar of Life

granite and obsidian

carved into all that is, was, or will be

are the letters, in silver

of my existence

I am the nightbringer

I am shadow, and dust

lost dreams and broken homes

dark rooms and rust

I appear as you do

but the curse I bear

Oh, the sorrow

you will come to know


life leech


draining sustenance

all of you are candles

But I am a pyre

You will love me, feed me

support me

carry me home

Call me friend, brother, sister, lover

Wife or Husband

we strive to live as you

We wish to taste love

As you do, to commit freely

The curse

And oh, the sorrow

How I wish to give

But all I can do is


And Take

The lies, the drugs, the sex

The gambling and gin

The doctors, the lawyers, the authorities

The institutions that came and went

All to quiet this

raging conflagration within

You can never understand

your love you give and you give

Over and over

more and more

With the fears and the memories

of what has come before

The Wasteland in my mind

haunts dense and deadly

the war with ghosts

that no one can see

This chain of horror

that clenches my throat

Of use to none

I will scorch and burn

Everything I see

I try to show you how to burn

Just like me

I am the nightbringer

And I can only grant you

my tragedy

Oh, the sorrow…

You have come to know

The hard truth you see

the only way to save yourself,

The only way to love me

Is by letting me go

And you know who I am

I know that you see

Mark these words dear

before you burn

Just Like Me




Today’s News

RamJet Poetry

today's news

Indelible, the touch of the restless

dementia hours of nothing

dedicated to the honors we

are pleased to abhor in small

plaid workings of the horse’s hair

shouting mayhem in stocks bonds

straining against the drying out of

decency we manipulate the ruins

just to see what comes out of

my madness is beautiful too

far gone in this muddy water

blues gripping the railing

about the digging of my bones

pirating another soul with cash money

brothers, am I my brother’s keeper

of bees in my bonnet and the tearing

away of starlet dancing survivors

on tv surviving in front of a film crew

of 30 eating 3 square a day and catering

to the whims of the masses of moribundity

conglomerate corporate ass kiss maintaining

the diplomacy of the stern reasons you

must bow and scrape away

the ice on the windows and the snow

shoveling out my…

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un/named-OldePunk/RamJet Poetry

RamJet Poetry


enable the push

slipstream malcontent

we feed you too often

do you hurt

i mean the bones scraping, twitching, fiery plasma burn across bleeding eyes that scream take me out, the ugly beaten bruised hurt that saps vitality like a teenager downing a Big Gulp, the rearranged cut brain shaving off my insides full of ants and spiders eating me from the inside out pain?

then speak not to me of pain

we would despise you if not for act of futility

lets’s see what you got

pretend to be something you are not

enchantments you cast drooping slipping one

i see you

i know you

How I long for the antithesis of you

my rainbow is black and my sun turns gray

how I do so miss the shadows of yesterday

skull crusher of anathema

shattered lover of crooked cross

when next we meet, I will introduce you


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St. Terez-OldePunk/RamJet Poetry

RamJet Poetry


Spit and lift

paint runes of negligence upon my brow

careful not to touch me

it would bely the resolution

of justice

A fallacy, a pretense

a cry for help

holding dreams in a sandbox

callous winds peeling skin

a rictus greets you

stand in line and bide your time

losing place

choosing face

kill and atone

kaleidoscope convalescent

watching form shift to motion

picturing Picasso

picturesque distortion of pictures

draw the short straw

a lottery for the short-changed

walking into damnation

whistling the tune almost remembered

like a drop of water on parched throat

or opioid peace for shattered mind

silver patients await creation

blind with eyes open

seeing with eyes closed

Jesus saves souls

and redeems them for valuable prizes

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