Stoned Miles-Max Meunier/Dissociative Void

Max Meunier

ashes eschewed

usher fall underfoot

the remnants

of endless days


and despondent


i no longer see

the trees taper


once flourishing

thought, sound, and feeling


in shrill peals

a tale stowed surreally


by flickering



strangely retold

in a cold, bleak immersion

hours burned frigid

of infernal mind

rue forms a sordid soot

of the soul’s toiling

inward it folds

fueling lucifer’s fire

solitude broods

failures born of inaction

on mattresses



and forgotten


with mildewed crumbs

bones for a pillow

the contrast stings anguish

shone stark

with such loss

beyond even nightfall

its poignancy stretches

these truths

weep beside me

framed by the faint gloaming

the autumn dawn


as ardent

claims feigning

to never have cared

but the silence

she already knows

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Transcending-Max Meunier/Dissociative Void

we dream

to die

in this ring

of death

breathing in

our own entropy

like drunken druids

sinking past

the florid infirm

as floor

turns to fig leaf

and celestite settles

no more

shall we fret

Max states: “I write about the things going on in my life. I am a feminist, humanist, cat loving musician bound by whimsy and the incessant analysis of hyper-vigilant observations.  I am obsessed with words and rhythmically woven wordplay.” We are honored to have him as a member of our tribe.  He writes at Max Meunier Dissocative Void

And It Was Hell-Max Meunier/Dissociative Void

Max Meunier

the dearth of this illusion
lay upon me
like a bed of nails

bleed into the earth below
as heaven turns the other cheek

seven days have made me weak
as stars conclude
“and it was hell”

sinning in the furnace
with a grimace
of god’s grace

forced into a servitude
that no madness
would call for

prefacing the death
that only leads to life anew

on the surface we are left
to toil by our devices

waging wars against the conscience
absent as the soul

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Social MEdia-Max Meunier/Dissociative Void

Max Meunier

it is such a strange dynamic
these forums in which we gather
in a most persistent state
of idle incoherent blather
trapped behind these glowing screens
the hopes and dreams of every person
air as fleeting as a meme
subjected to flights of aversion
as it seems, the world awaits us
from the very place we sit
boundless escape from our sorrows
hanging at our fingertips
realms of plastic intimacy
ruled by unforgiving whims
wintry hearts that once burned holes
in skies that since have fallen dim
scarcely shedding light on truth
of how quickly we are forgotten
pittances of such regard
leave scars for which no time allots for
in the moment, fools are prone
to bleed expression most effusive
once it passes, who will fill the need
persisting in the ashes
~valiant~, are those who ride
upon a white horse singing freedom
“free” to run their dalliances

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Trust-Max Meunier

Max Meunier

i have spun this web
with words unsaid
upon a bed of sorrow

love ne’er ebbs
though in her stead
i dread to face
the wakeless morrow

broken vows of death’s departing
spoken with a silver tongue

cloaked in shards
from shattered hearts
enshrouded by the blackened sun

seconds fall at fevered pace
as life does from this land of lust

where all intentions turn to waste
and hurt is what we earn for trusting

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Fade Into the Sun-Max Meunier/Dissociative Void

Max Meunier

what is there to do
when all that you knew
is no longer

with nothing there
to fill the chasm
chaos left behind

when every word returns
back to its bitter home

where only fools who feel
will find the strength
to carry on

years have fallen wayward
to the tune of time’s duress
shaping us into these forms
of unfamiliar wresting

once, we walked as one
along the open road
to freedom

now, through one another’s wounds
we bleed into remorse

you turned away
and shunned our reign
of squander

leaving me
to wander
through this world
without ward

every ounce of dignity
has seeped into contrition

confined unto this bed
of frozen tears

amid lost expression
linger words
aloof with languor

by the fate of truth
we fade
into the sun

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Fractured Hearts-Max Meunier/Dissociative Void

Max Meunier

fragile hearts
composed of fractured shards
of selenite
soon fall
from the silence
strewn long
throughout the night

some will dissipate
upon the kiss
of eclipsed atmosphere

while others infiltrate
the earth’s defenses
waiting to be found

is this power
within my pen
enough to stay

can these sunken eyes
sustain the curtain’s calling
dirt and all?

through these weary eyes
of stinging
i fail
to see the answer

no longer does water well
in the aqueduct
of quiescence

and gone
is any semblance
of the joy
that once we knew

having joined
the desperate masses
as envoys of muted morass

precious hours spent
relentlessly toiling
for elusive spoils

spanning the breadth
of a breathlessness

’til our heads withered
down the trail
of idle absurdity

as frail
as the feathered waif
on a leaf-barren poplar

sonically assailed
by a hail-tinged doppler shriek
with a tail that…

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