Introducing 1Wise-Woman – ‘Purge’

Every moment is a little bit of forever
Futile when you are perpetually
Deprived of pleasure
Like a slap in the face
Such a beautiful glow
Ebb and flow
Stay or go
Hammer and nail
Reach for the top shelf
My invitation got lost in the mail
Feelings aren’t allowed
Small crowd
Mailbox mafia
Hurt and relieved
Dodged a bullet
Down in the dumps
Upward mobility
Forget about emotional fragility
You just can’t help it
Back stabbed and brain washed
Dressed in your finest
Special and spineless
Released your inner troll
Narcissistic mind melt
Emotions never felt
Sadists don’t know when to stop
Use me like a damaged prop
Ripe with manipulation
Vigilant about the deadly nature of desire
It’s a raging wildfire
Sky high anxiety
Rock bottom depression
Misplaced somewhere in between
Yet to be seen

You are a runaway train with nothing to gain, inflicting pain and placing blame, what a shame. Calling everyone else insane, why can’t you say my name? Are you afraid I’ll get all the fame and you will never be able to tame my insatiable hunger to unchain from your radioactive restrain?

Story basher without a name
Dressed in guru garb
Feigned ferocity and faith
Cross the line
Tell you I’m fine
Deal breaker
Toy with god’s creations
Depraved recreation
Crumpled paper says it all
Lifeless on the floor
Screaming truth
As you walk out the door
Original copy
Conditional cult
Go ahead and drink your wine
It doesn’t stop time
Dig me out
Of this static state
I won’t take the bait
Breathing in
Bleeding out
Get off the ledge
Fake people
Fake life
Fake news

Find me submerged
In chartreuse
Sated by a honey dripping sunset
Forever in the moment
Silently sublime


[1Wise-Woman: “I am living, fighting, and thriving with mental illness and chronic disease and a need to express myself. Writing eases some of the weight I carry.” When she isn’t yanking shadowy strands of leathery clumps of unconscious, and tenderly placing them into word documents, she is creating at A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of the Brave.]





The Weyward Sisters: Back to Black/ Collaborative Amy Winehouse Tribute

Rana Kelly/2nd star to the Left, straight on ’til morning

Oh, Amy

Whenever I go walking

In my stilettos,

I hear you talking.

Dream me up a way

Of swishing my hips

And pursing my lips

And singing your riffs

So that I find beauty

Like you.

lois e. linkens

she puts her black dress on
in the dark,
anxious nails red and messy
in their early-morning artistry.
he left the candle burning
in the winter window –
vanilla and cinnamon
on a Sunday evening,
tears and vodka
on a Monday morning.
last week’s relief
into tonight’s regrets,
but the shadowy smear
on the glass
is all that is left of him.

Aakriti Kuntal/Writings of Aakriti Kuntal

Rummaging through

black air,

nauseous red nails bearing oily seas


existence with conversations,


with glittering nail cutters,

cracked moons

laughing hysterically in them


of fallen boyfriends, of fallen love

Fallen being

the new being

Aurora Phoenix/Insight From Inside

She scrawls lines

up the back of her fishnet stockings

wiggly-lined intoxicated rebellion

strutting down memory lane

flirting shamelessly with self-destruction

as if, in seductive self-abasement

she may reclaim

love from a wayward lover

and from self

Kindra M. Austin

Kohl black kitty cat


Lines stiletto sharp

Tongue dipped in honey

Wine(house), oh, Amy

Slay me

Rachel Finch/Bruised But Not Broken

Night chimes, a ringing to remind her,

She can sleep the day away, but the dark

still draws the Soul from the body.

Stars reflecting off bottles, empty, their

contents alive in her throat.

She is midnight, waking the world.

Sarah Doughty/Heartstring Eulogies

I remember how you carried your beauty like body armor, letting the world see a smoke screen, that many didn’t notice. I remember seeing the sadness beneath those wings on your eyes, the way your mouth curled into a devilish smile. I remember seeing your hair down, with those curls that lasted for miles, and how much I wanted just a tiny piece of your beauty. Your essence. Even a little piece of your ability to hold the world in bated breath. I remember your courage to stand in front of a million people and hold them under your spell. But what I remember the most is how you wore your heart on the outside and how pieces of it were broken away and lost over time, exposing you. Like a nerve within a broken tooth, you tried to insulate, but nothing could fix what you’d already lost.

1WiseWoman/A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of the Brave

Hiding in plain sight

Black song bird

Aching to be heard

Darker than the darkest shadows

Praying sacrificial hymns

Will carry away your demons

Hungry hearts rapture in melody

Enchanted with your euphony

An intentional symphony

Desperate on bended knee

Longing to be set free

Blood and wine

Cherry lipstick stains

Broken bottles

Crooked lines

Sing for us

One last time

Zelda Raville/A Sea of Illusions

Our biggest tragedy
was that
our love,
no matter
how much
there was of it
could never
draw you out
from a fatal attraction
to the depths
of your ferocious hunger
for love itself.

Christine Ray/Brave and Reckless

You shot across our heavens

a piercing silver whiskey light

your pain-soaked voice

etching a pin-up girl tattoo on our souls

We died a hundred times with you

Donning our mourning colors

we are left to only say goodbye with words

as your heartbreaking beauty

fades into black


Runaway Train-1Wise-Woman/Secret First Draft

Secret First Draft: Member of the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

Hell bent on wiping me out

You’ve seen me fall before

Reached out and offered a hand

Now you shove me out the door

Desperate attempt to even the score

Radio silence

You aren’t right all the time

Living on urban vapors

Poisoning your mind


Hearts of the kind

A story of revenge

Veiled in resurrection

Force you to look in my direction

Fiery Armageddon

Made a sovereign decision

Retracted my open invitation

This isn’t a journey

It’s a runaway train

Tracks rusted and eroded

Mirroring damaged brain

No light at the end of the tunnel

The temple has been set on fire

Crucifix burned across my chest

Tortuous desire

There is no day of rest

This isn’t a test

Rooted in utero

Nourished with disease

Fed on sacramental fear

Born to bleed

I cannot descend any further

Screams heard only by the captive

We speak in secret tongues

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Something Wicked This Way Comes: Meet the New Secret First Draft!

Secret First Draft has a bold and edgy new look and is welcoming its inaugural group of SFD Writer’s Collective Members this month:

1Wise-Woman of A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of the Brave

Oloriel Moonshadow of color me in cyanide and cherry

Aurora Phoenix of insights from inside

Hudson Biko Mwalagho of Piece by Piece HB

Christina Strigas of You can’t break up with a soul mate

Zelda Reville of Zelda Reville: A Sea of Illusions

This amazing group of writers will be contributing original content to SFD. SFD is also seeking guest bloggers to keep our content fresh and exciting.  We will also continue to bring you reblogs from the writers of Sudden Denouement, Secret First Draft, Whisper and the Roar and other divergent voices we think you will want to be reading.

If you are interested in becoming a member of SFD or contributing a guest writer contact the Editors at


And the Winners of the March Madness Divergent Literature Contest are. . .

The editors of the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective and Secret First Draft are thrilled to announce  the winners of the March Madness Divergent Literature Contest

1st Place: Conflagration/Nathan McCool  Newest Member of the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

Inaugural Members of the Secret First Draft Literary Collective:

Second Place: Ligeia, under dimmed lights/Oloriel

Third Place: Marching in Madness & March Madness/1Wise-Woman

Fourth Place: The Magic Quilt/Zelda Reville

We are honored to welcome our new collective members and were thrilled with the quality of the writing submitted.  We hope that you enjoyed reading them as much as we did.


March Madness Top Ten: Marching in Madness & March Madness/1Wise-Woman

Two writers who submitted to the March Madness Divergent Literature Contest had not one but two pieces in our top ten.  Today we present two pieces from 1Wise-Woman

Marching in Madness

Dwelling on the brink of madness morphing magic tricks mind

over matter universal force fed famine ravaging war of the

roses are red violets are blue moon pie in your face the facts

truth is stranger than fictional characters conceding a sneak

peek peak defining moments from celebratory milestones

commemorated in cemented silver frames found in cracked

pieces a portrait of possibility is a good start on your karmic

return rejected revealing reality renouncing your ways and

means to an end of the road to nowhere know everywhere the

hills are blooming and bursting the heart of a warrior worrying

wary to wrench open the window into the soul of the devils

bridge over troubled water reflecting a perfect circle the sun

dances around the subject yourself to psychedelic society

scrounging scraps of meat meet maniacs as time marches on

human rights are a privilege producing punks pushing pathetic

promises of escape from early life imprisonment while the

impoverished implore illusions of freedom rings heard round

the world epidemic climate change cleaving desperately to the

dwindling change in your pocket of diminishing herds escaping

inevitable extinction in vain veins bulging from wringing their

neck of the woods would do injustice at a time when laughter

is vital to the existence of the enlightened one won the race just

in case they don’t already haunt your dreams of shedding the

armor around your heart felt promises proving villainy runs in

the family values tear away the thorny vines and climb

the wall of contention meant to contain courageousness

corrodes concealing corruption failing to sway them all

marching in madness mercifully chanting.

March Madness




As clouded days


Occluding sun

Moon and star

Beckoning fiends

Clawed grasp


Amplifying strength

From forever dark

Leaving me gasping

And begging on bruised knee

For daylight to


A hypocritical wish

As comfort bespeaks

An innate forfeiture



In perpetual night

To relinquish my life for

Underworld hereafter

Forsaking light

In place of abject fight

And renounce

Promises spoken

That upon arrival

March transforms existence

Into life less


For the mind unburdened

Clear and free

The prospect


Excites and brightens

With bird and bee

In flower and tree

Fresh growth springs forth

As each day


Spirits and souls

Emerge from


To illuminate and bow down

With gratitude for


In this mad mind of mine

Allegiance is


To ghouls who

Have drained my blood

And anchored my kind

Eternally abandoned in

Endless winter

The light burns

So I draw the curtains

The sound sears

So I cover my ears

To drown out

The laughter

Of the waking living

And ease back

Into soothing existence

With the waking dead

Falling deeper




The Editors Top Ten

Ligeia, under dimmed lights/Oloriel

A Moment of Dying/Kindra Austin

The Magic Quilt/Zelda Reville

Marching in Madness &  March Madness/1Wise-Woman

I write about mental illness and chronic illness. I use a variety of writing styles to incorporate all of the ugly and beauty of living with mental and chronic illness. The purpose behind my blog is to ease some of my pain as well as share some of my blessings, to provide information, encouragement and support to others and to help end the stigma against mental illness and invisible diseases.  My blog is A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of the Brave