Finding You Again

Heartstring Eulogies

“I’ll ever stop trying to find my way to you.
Because you are worth it.
And so am I.”

This yearning I feel to break free of these chains is only making me pull against them that much harder. It feels like an invisible wall that won’t budge. All I can do is watch from my own magical prison, and I don’t yet know how to knock down the walls and break the links in the shackles that bind me. But that doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop trying. Because you are worth it. And so am I.

© Sarah Doughty

It’s time we break
these barriers and be free.

Happy birthday to
my wonderful husband.

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I, mind


by Erich Michaels

I spend so much time in my head that when I come out I am itchy and strained

Cold, dry air tightens my cerebrospinal fluid soaked skin

The conversations carried out in this alien world are clunky and forced

The ones in my head ran like quicksilver and you’d laughed at every jest

Pouring my heart out didn’t ring saccharine and your eyes mirrored intent

In my head I didn’t carry uncertainty like a leaden blanket, ending sentences in…?

In return you punctuated every sentence with

I love you .

Erich Michaels describes himself as  “just trying to share the human experience.”  He has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, but find himself writing SOPs (lather, rinse, repeat) in order to make a living, which can be detrimental to the creative process.  You can find him on the road to recovery at Erich Michaels. Every journey begins with a single step, right?

The Night is for many things but …


I would rather walk

my authentic steps into the night,

embracing obscurity,

than remain pliant fodder

for certainly lovely honey-traps

laid aforehand, by well-meaning pity.

The night and me

we are one abiding,

our abode,

beyond the reach you seek,

with your contrivances,

of lightmaking.

If you wait

until my return

then we may talk,

as equals.

You bring the true light

and intent

and I,

bring my friends,

of the dark.


we will sit,

in the balance,

of mutual possibility.

Arico Nuevo

26 November 2018

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call (l’appel du vide)

Fallen Alone

and for years i’ve heard it-
a call

a lover’s call;

whispering and settling over my bones
like my skin does
– on most days when it is not being pulled apart
by those laodicean sparrows –
like a vow does
– during weathers when they bury their tongues
in octagonal caskets anchored
to my wrist –
like longing does
– each time the night parts my thighs
and slips in –


where a stranger voice from the skies
– from the void –

••ra’ahe khayat

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Like me



Are you like me?

Never really sure just how others take you

Do they really like you or just tolerate you?

When they laugh at your jokes

Are they being courteous or sincere?

Are you like me?

Giving those you meet the benefit of the doubt 

Assigning a whole backstory to why they did what they did

Justification for treating you shabbily 

Are you like me?

You dutifully take in the sorrows of others

Everyone’s therapist they can vent on

But can’t open up yourself

Either for fear the floodgate will never close 

Or being thought of as weak

Or facing your own frailty 

Are you like me?

Do you come undone?

At the thought of the pain and sorrow 

That is being endured in the world

At any given moment

Are you like me?

Despite your emotional connection to the world

You’d rather stay…

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#tbt I Say That I Lost You

Brave & Reckless

I say that I lost you

as though you were an umbrella

that I carelessly left on the bus

after the summer rain had stopped

I say that I lost you

as though you were a conversation

that I dropped the thread of

when I became

distracted by fireflies dancing outside my window

I say that I lost you

as though you were a book

I insisted that a friend borrow and read

that was never returned

I say that I lost you

as though you were a bet

a wager

I could easily afford to place

To say that I lost you

is to say that the world that I knew has ended

that the universe has been torn violently in two

that time has stopped like a broken pocket watch

whose hands now stand empty

reaching for a tomorrow

that will never come

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All…

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Mood, Moonlit

Insights from "Inside"

I sowed the seeds of my own destruction

coated in the guise of a mother tongue

while the drizzle of doom

soft and silent



/my sibilant sis/

I ate from the cap of the amanita

scarlet brooding senorita

swooned to the tune

of a glass-looked fall

spat the spores

/blood admonition/

I dabbled in a dab of diablerie

swaddled as I was with faux coterie

dawdled long among tip-toed tulips

placed dibs on the crux of wizardry

I raise my glass

chipped, half-empty

toast with the devil

/wed moonlight/

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Writings of Aakriti Kuntal

These faces are dabbed with cotton melodies A quiet banshee stirs, her fluttering lunar gown sweeping stars, a hose inundating burnt lungs I am clockwork, spindles and needles, against an atmosphere of blooming black, My stomach, rigid thistle , begins to part near the right quarter, slowly undraped, layers of skin are layers of dust, they have never been otherwise except in the eye, the eye of this fool I stand like justice, blemished my soft arms are weighing scales, a moth in the left, a moth in the right Moth, green, orgasmic fields swaying in mustard warmth, incantations of breath Moth, red, tickling, spoons of liquid blood levitating, shaved twisted jaws I scratch the language on my volatile croissant chest, tongues like ribbons hurrying in the directions that escape this world into iota, all perceivable realms like a swiveling staircase in these sedimented bones I swing, blinded, suffocated, an…

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Two Poems by David Lohrey


Hope is faster than light,
its speed behind measure.
It’s alive, today, but what about
tomorrow? Easy come, easy . . .
I need something to build up
my courage.One advantage is sleep, an endurance
test: a locomotive or a pillow. We
learn to calculate the commotion.
Suck the straw, hang out, hit the hay.
Who’s to say? One cedes territory, one
establishes boundaries, one signs along
the dotted line. Some choose Southern exposure.

Gross indecencies stare us down. Our
calm is our rebellion. It’s the last frontier.
Benumbed, confounded, lost in space. We
escape confinement like water, searching, but
what of our aversion to chaos? Our taste for the
tranquil? Must we be held in contempt for despising
aggression, our preference for the impassive?

It’s massive: jest. Or condescension. We cultivate
superiority; we celebrate death: theirs, hers, his.
Inoculation. Innocence…

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