HOLLYWOOD HIGH – Collaboration – A.G. Diedericks & Samantha Lucero

Heathers and jocks, flock together You and I tethered to Glocks & black leather Clocks broken, shot into a myopic future We meditate on bloodlust of a murdered adolescent reverie, besotted with living forever The colour of Mondays changed when I tasted the insidious guile on your lips; glossed in Carrie-red you needn’t incentivize this … Continue reading “HOLLYWOOD HIGH – Collaboration – A.G. Diedericks & Samantha Lucero”

An Existential Exposé – A.G. Diedericks

Pardon my self-aggrandizement in the existential exposé of my life for what i have to offer you today is naught but melancholy which percolates my spirit with a constant test of my stoic resolve I thought that i had given up emotion buried the empath in me 5 feet under until poetry reared it’s ugly … Continue reading “An Existential Exposé – A.G. Diedericks”

Notes On A Suicide by Hemingway – A.G. Diedericks

The cosmos misplaced me left me to meteor into this zeitgeist of insipid distractions Where i roam as an anachronism under the city of lights in pursuit of remnants from Lutetia with nothing but a pen & piece of paper to live on Problem is I’m not a poet Let me tell you how i … Continue reading “Notes On A Suicide by Hemingway – A.G. Diedericks”

AUTODIDACT – A.G. Diedericks

Yes I’m uneducated punktuated by subversion My verses run grades in reverse I see only art in my continuum I am averse to your curriculum There’s no path for me in math No rhythm in my algorithm No symmetry in my poetry I bastardize established linguistics I do it Just to smite the elitist erudite … Continue reading “AUTODIDACT – A.G. Diedericks”

BRIMFUL OF GRIM 2 – Collaboration – A.G. Diedericks & Kindra M. Austin

He is the rain on a cold grey day— the arthritis that ravages my bones and when he breathes, it’s a Nor’easter wind— I’m blown apart; shattered; scattered; kicked about like autumn leaves, dead   Unwritten letters from our post-mortem breathe life into her apparition Like the weather; she returns to season fresh wounds Blood … Continue reading “BRIMFUL OF GRIM 2 – Collaboration – A.G. Diedericks & Kindra M. Austin”

Morality Park – A.G. Diedericks

Welcome to Morality Park where sleeping dogs bark and never lie Where the fire in our hearts combust the torch of Lady Liberty With flames that will enlighten your misconceptions We are the Arsonists and tonight, We will conflagrate the patriarchy! Do not think us unkind If you tell us It’s just inside our mind … Continue reading “Morality Park – A.G. Diedericks”

Anachronistic Rant – A.G. Diedericks

History void of sapience I am the spectre of regurgitated fallacy I carve the crevice in impregnable absolutes the blood-splatter in the crevasse of your ice sculpture where i birth postmodernism and cut off the crimson springs of solipsism   Children raised by the idiot box extinction of libraries words replaced by letters A climate … Continue reading “Anachronistic Rant – A.G. Diedericks”