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I’m late for life.

Lick my frustration laden eye trails
with your feverish degree of need.
I’ve pulled apart my patience in brushstrokes,
and sit damming rampant torrents of greed.
Traipsing through a shutter-box as though
a thrown skein of glass trapped thoughts.
Spending words of do not try a thousand times
until they’re echoing so loud it hurts.
There is less difficulty here then meets the eye,
even when it’s filled with sorrow.
We’re on endless roads, journeying upward
on travels through time into tomorrow.
The final hurdle is simply to start the race,
get up off your ass and focus.
Move away from rabbit holes and wasted days
lest the world consume us as the locusts.

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8 thoughts on “Impatient

  1. impassioned, i love it when you read something and your brain calls forth the sound of drums that your words stir into life. 🙂 i especially enjoyed the shift in perspective from my own. I quite like rabbit holes, though to me they are not for wallowing. they are a wonderful alternative path to getting somewhere you’d rather not be, by the time you have walked your way through the distraction of mind’s mayhem, where you end up always has a new ring to it.

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    • My wife loves rabbit holes too! And I’ve been enamored with them far too often in my life it seems, sadly I find myself less likely to jump into one then before our of survival or necessity. Pep talk to be an “adult” or something. Bah…..gimme the mushrooms Alice, thank you sweetie. 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful perspective adjustment and commentary as well Vicki, thank you very much.


      • No adjustment necessary 🙂 do you think they can be either? Somewhere to wallow or explore. Gosh I feel that we may be slipping into a philosophical right here and now! 😉


      • You may be right. Save us. Lol. They have a purpose, usually don’t know what that is until you’ve come out the otherwise though. At some point do they become less instructive then detrimental though? I don’t know. I’ve always been the kind of guy that wanders down the side roads off of highways in the middle of nowhere because I want to know why there’s a road there. It’s taken me to some beautiful, and downright terrifying spots. I can’t say I would change any of those jaunts but I’ve hit a point in my life where I have to spend a little more time on the main road because I’m running out of gas and the destinations I’ve dreamed of are getting no closer. Reasonable analogy?

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  2. Had a lot of desultory wallowing when I was younger. You realize how bass ackwards the world is, lies about liberty and self-determination and individuality. See the machinery and then all you can see is the machinery, too heavy for you to move. Then there’s lots of drugs and wanton years wandering around, looking for something, but really doing anything, because what the fuck is there to do? You’re aware of the stupid little rabbit hole you’ve been pigeon-holed into. It’s dangerous. So you buck up and get to work finally, determined to get the fuck out.

    “Well I guess it’s only life, it’s only natural
    We all spend a little while going down the rabbit hole
    The things they taught you, they’re lining up to haunt you
    You got your back against the wall
    I call you on the telephone, won’t you pick up the receiver?”

    The Shins!

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    • Cool input Mick. Rabbit holes do have a tendency to be overly welcoming and offer the opportunity for indulgence of whatever vice you’re burning away the days and nights with at the time. It sucks to get up in move, that damn inertia thing, takes a lot to get going. Sometimes I forget to give due patience to those around me that really are fighting their own weighty challenge and that they might move at a slower pace than I would like. What I commonly fail to give recognition to is that they are trying to fight the fight while preserving their foundations so they have something to fight from….they’re getting ready for the long haul instead of two pump chump-ing it like some overzealous and hyperactive child, or me. Slow and steady does in fact get you out of the rabbit hole, as long as you have the gumption to actually start the process at all.

      Thanks for the thoughts man – helped turn me a bit more introspective since I really wasn’t sure how to take this piece. Appreciate you taking the time!


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