E, clip, see

A great editor and an inspired writer.

RamJet Poetry


I told myself I would write

but there’s nothing to say

the whore at my core

says to go fuck something

but I don’t have what it takes

to go to war today

the sun goes dark

in the park

I watch and wait

for the Hand of God

to crush all of this disease

into a neutron star

I don’t think he will

but I must be patient

’cause I do not think he’s far

ponder push plush plundering

pulverizing prideful personal passions

preponderant, perforation pleasures

pause, pun, passive in passing

puking porous published politics

please, prequel perplexing Pacmans

percolate posh postulating pyrotechnics

pixies payoff pricks piling puling prominence


I think I need some E or X

clip, clip, clip

news stories or .45 questions

See? Seas are busy this time of year

I wonder what the dolphins think

when the moon occults the sun

does the ocean…

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