Sudden Denouement Black & White Photography Contest


[Photo: Able Eble]

Sudden Denouement has since its inception been interested in the synergy between imagery and the written word. We have been diligent in our commitment to maintain a specific aesthetic that compliments the strange world of words we inhabit. In the spirit of our commitment, we are launching a black and white/monochrome/sepia photography contest. This contest is a celebration of the medium, but also a means to showcase artists who share a passion for black and white photography.


1st Prize: 50 dollars and a link provided on front page of our site, as well as a full write-up on the work of the artist.

2nd Prize: 25 dollars and a link provided on site, as well as presentation of the work, along with appropriate links.

3rd Prize: A post on the work of the artist, as well as a temporary link on the site.

We only ask that the work is black and white/monochrome/sepia. The judges will be the editors of Sudden Denouement and SD writers Able Eble and Jonathon O’Farrell.

We ask that each artist limit their submissions to five.

Contest open to everyone.

Send submissions to

Deadline: 6/19/2019

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