Magazines – Salvador Macias

pandoras-box clip

Magazines say that it is only a matter of time before beauty  fails us all
Television is filled with betrayal
And  Mindless self indulgence
The radio blares another sad break up song, and the internet promises true
Love within the first thirty days your
Money back guaranteed
I have tried to put you out of my mind
As I sit at a barstool
Mary, Tracey, Juanita, Heather, and other
Girls whose names will
Be important to some lovelorn soul
One day
I look into their eyes
And see the same loneliness
In so many other people
Thinking as we all have at one point
That just maybe.
They might be the one to find true love
But to be the one is a rarity
To be treasured
Like a jewel
I have held it in your hands
Tasted love in your kiss
I have made many mistakes
And Now I must live with them
I see a room full of people
More lost than the souls lost in purgatory
I see them laughing away at poor anecdotes
Pretending to care when all anyone wants to do is go home
But we don’t because
This may be the night
We find the “One”
But I have  found the one
And continue to meet the one
Every time I am in the same room with her
It  is the same old black magic
We felt the first time we met
Those many years ago
In a dark room at some party
Neither of us wanted to be at
As I tried to pick her up
While reciting a poem
Into her ear
She turned to me smiling
And asked if my cheap parlor
Trick has ever worked
And I said to her
It just did
Salvador Macias is a poet , playwright, and visual artist . He currently resides in San Antonio TX. trying not to get arrested. 

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