we are the violent

Olde Punk

RamJet Poetry

we are the violent

we are the violent. Cast aside permissions like the breath of early bedroom encounters. her name would be fire if you could capture in a language, but no tongue on earth can hold the meaning. It flows like water over the toes and under skin, sinking into pores as a cleansing salt and charcoal scrub both burns and purifies. You find us in the quiet hours when you’re alone and no one is around, all those secret fetishes that come unbound. We daze new wave, shoegaze, everything we see we want to feed on. the itching that all need scratches, the woman and me wish to plea for more of your injustices, scouring out the inky silky darkness of each daywalker at night in club on vacation. here try a little, we won’t hurt you, we are friends…..yeah, sure. Ours is symbiosis, there is no separation so to attempt to…

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