Strange Shapes

S.K. Nicholas

S. K. Nicholas


With my paws sliding across the ice, the milky moon puffed its cheeks and blew out a gust of wind that pushed me like a pair of invisible hands. Sailing on that frozen sea, I yelped and shrieked, and as the animals watched from the shore of trees, life didn’t seem that bad at all. With her song guiding me on, the words danced around my head before sliding down the length of my spine, entwining themselves around each and every one of my hairs. The fox was close behind, and he knew the magic too, and even though he hadn’t once been human like me, he knew of love and of the soul, and he understood what it was to believe in destiny. Scrambling after me, he latched onto my tail and together we drifted along. The wind was cold and got into my bones, and when the ice…

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