If Only

A Wise Woman Writes

A wolf in sheep’s clothing
Pales in comparison
Persuasive and captivating
Enchanting and endearing
If only
Some premonition of demoniac possession
Brutal beast
Savage sadist
Throwing furniture and insults
A shape-shifter
That never left
Even after death
Haunting from the hereafter
Navigating nightmares
Destroying dreams
Believing I would let you stay
If only
You just yelled loud enough
Or landed the right punch
Pleading your case
Admitting your sins
Telling me how much pain you’re in
Actions speak louder than words
Even when you’re yelling
You couldn’t take a step
To back your tidings
Prove demon demise
If only
You would have cheated
Tired of the ole’ ball and chain
Left me a break-up letter
Anything would have been better
Than torment and torture
Selfish and sinister
You set my world spinning
Burned down my house
Comatose on the floor
Covered in ash
You are my life threatening illness

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