Guest Spot: A Dark State of Mind – John Collins

Looking from the outside in
All seems well
A façade to disguise an underlying impression
Not to be viewed by the outside world
For risk of alienation

Hiding in this world
Although hide would be the wrong word
As a want to break free from this entrapment
Seems like a never achieving moment
Unless confession is given

But to confess
Relief in one hand
Damnation in the other
Two sides of the same coin
But tarnished none the less

A continued state of loneliness
Behind the eyes of the lonely
Family and Friends
Distorted worse than a carnival mirror
Fearful Phantoms in a cold mist

Chemical intervention a likely option
But to succumb to such a need
Would again require an opening
For Stigmatism to tattoo its brand
On another victim in an unwelcoming world

What else then… Death
Another inconceivable notion
Frowned upon by the very world
That frowns upon a depressed life
Finding it difficult to help

But to succeed
What would be left behind?
The Fearful Phantoms
Weeping for their loss
Of the Wretch
Who was trapped in a dark state of mind

[John Collins come from Swansea in South Wales where he has lived his whole life, except for 10 months of stupidity that made him wake up to what he really loved; Swansea bay. He finds his inspiration from many of his life’s moments and sprinkles on some of his imaginative nightmares and daydreams just to spice things up a little. You can read more of his work on his blog or FB page]

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