Poem by Joey Gould

Joey Gould/Oddball Magazine


In the Bedroom the Moon is a Dented Spoon
          after Meghan O’Rourke

Were you cantilevered
was the moon a pea on the ceiling

was it inverted
& could you see the peppercorns blinking

how does it not drip

were the slats closed
& did you stop to shatter the bedsheets

did you remove all the metal
& did the quitting hurt

was the weld weakened
what was the sound that hit the floor

was there wind
were you gasping
did it smell like leaves

were the leaves raked
                                      & were they burning

did he have hands
& were they scarred

did they remind you of your father
did you shake them

even still was there a skylight
how did you even see

did you even look
                     or listen
                     or accede

do you intend to come back

can you name them

will you stay the night


Joey Gould

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