Solemn Zeros

RamJet Poetry


In summary, there was purpose

prefecture, pandemonium, permanence

fingers frayed the stitching

ignominious example in grocery-cart aisles

uncommon disorders frequently populating

the deserted isles

unexpectedly,  the vase fell from the table

untouched it shattered

flowers and pottery scattered across the floor

as galaxies flowed into void

This was all observed and the information

was documented, annotated.

interpretation lost in antiquity,

the impressions ripple as a

neutron star quietly sending out

gravitational waves,

confusing possibilities of other extents.

so often, life will take what we think we know

reduce it to a solemn zero; leave us with nothing

other than the faintest of ideas

a notion of comprehending, desire to decipher more…

Observe and document the reversal

in hope of producing better outcomes

a lesson from this experience is spacetime

affects direction as well as velocity.

A common mistake we all make when

looking through 3 dimensions,

we tend to miss…

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