Across The Bow – Matthew D. Eayre

Far from my mind is the thought
of what I may possess
or what others have not

A place between understanding,
education is not the measure
of a man’s knowledge
and experience is only one of many

I cannot find the sound of reverence
echoing down hallowed halls;
as though none had been before
today sounded the first call

Close to my hands
I keep a record of my worth,
in the breadth of time
only a penny,
or a half

For my version of verse
or lines of ordered rhyme
my price to pay is most dear;
what value placed by history
is never mine to proclaim
nor fear

In certainty I match sounds
with color, emotion and sight
a garden grown from flesh and bone
through darkness, death and plight
misery and ecstasy
joined in militant march;
to fight a battle not my own
and take a stance most harsh

This life is meant for suffering,
for pursuit of boundless joy
this life a journey for enlightenment
we are but children with our toys

Poetry is a lesson, a sword to slice through hearts
meant to display transcendent truth with unmatched works of art

My place it is not to defend
the sanctity of The Queen;
If armies lay siege to her walls
they’ll find Gods between

I am just a simple man
with a thought to raise my voice
we all are allowed to find a way
and serving Poetry is my choice

I ask only that you respect her



Matthew D Eayre is newly planted in Houston, Texas and hoping to grow roots. A lifelong lover of words and language, he writes every chance he gets when not delivering smiles or spending time with his loving wife and family. Matthew has only one rule in life and in writing; it has to be real. He writes from personal experience about life, love and loss. He bridges the light spectrum from darkness to light, hoping that somewhere out there he reaches those who need to be reached. You can find more of his brilliant work on his site, Uneven Streets Studios, and his Facebook page Poetry of Monsters

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