the little mermaid #1

lois e. linkens

The blue Danish harbour did sparkle so,

That morn as the Mermaid took her hard seat.

Out on Langelinie in the fierce heat,

The bronzed little fish-girl dullish did glow.

They came at first light, with cameras and such.

She heard the great clamour of feet, and oh!

Here they would come, the red sun bright and low,

English, Americans, Chinese, the Dutch.

They crowded like bees round her grey rock,

A gaggle of geese, a murmur, a flock.

And the Mermaid would sit, faced t’wards the shore,

Hour after long hour. She thought – such a snore

Is this life I must lead in search of my heart,

Who’s ne’er in this crowd. All’s hopeless and dark!

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