grown up

Kristiana Reed/My Screaming Twenties

My Screaming Twenties

I’ll be honest

when I said the words

grown up

aged thirteen

I didn’t see

a tub of ice cream,


and sitting in the dark

listening to the sky


I didn’t think

I’d become

a rom-com movie,

the kind you see

on late night TV –

hopeless romantic,

console me

with a cup of tea.

I didn’t know

love and living

could hurt this much,

I’d prefer bees


pretty flowers

and my hay fever

eyes to remind me

to breathe,

not this

tight chest,

I’m on my knees,

help me.

When I said

the words

grown up

I didn’t realise

I meant to say

I’ve got wells for eyes

except I’ve cut all the rope

to the buckets.

I’ve got rootless flowers

for hands, so when the rain comes,

torrential or trickle,

I fail to keep it. 

I’ve got a stained glass

mirror heart, 

except every pane…

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