#tbt We Were Poets – Nicholas Gagnier

Nicholas Gagnier/FVR Publishing

FVR Publishing


To the legends who
transcend the living’s echelons,
may your
greatness live on inside
your bottled message.

I struggled on,
documenting those
I adored but eventually

This is my testament, return on time’s investment and love for the brethren who
keep my words strong.

we were poets, century of
longing and rage,
hunger and grace, but
to death we all belong.

Shakespearean fonts and
Times New Roman,
Rorschach ink
blots in the shape
of roses.

Yeah, we were poets,
once upon a hopeless time;
Dickensian with a updated,
modern vibe.

Caged against a dying light,
I want to tell
you we’ll be
neck and neck almost,
supernovas unknown in
a solar system of
posthumous prose,

although I could never
quite match
your star’s gravity with
my moon’s tide.

We were poets in life,
and now that
we’ve died, we’re
ghosts between the lines,
bona fide love letters rarely

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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