Lois E. Linkens

lois e. linkens

I wished your mind might glance me through your skull,
Smooth eyes in a peaceful face. Sunset streets,
A sweet smile round as Kroner, and worth quite
The planetful. A sleepy song, a poesy dream –
Something my night eyes had already seen.
Here’s a whirl of bubbles, ‘Mummy!’ She moves
A foot. Six in the evening, and the redding
Sky is bright in those large eyes, like his father’s.
She will rise, sweep herself into her scarf
And stand at the white sink with mint and rose
Hands. Brown Danish beauty, cherry stem brows;
Venus on the Norrebrogarde, there she goes.
Where her foot might tread, eternity lands –
A street moment, a whole dear life in poet’s hands.

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