Weaving Manannan’s Mists- Allie Nelson & Jonathan O’Farrell

That secret language
can the speaking
no less writing of it
be upon us this day.
For we may set sail
for that furthest shore
the star that is by us
relative of myth and Manannan.

But first the stillness
that’s in it must you peer
and lips imbibe
his brew of mists weaved.
Seer hazel guarded source
will find you soonest
with heron and salmon,
brethren by sisteren.

All that you need
in the setting sail
of that intent
a blessing, trianaid.
Upon you the finding will be
a task, a guide, the words
writ legend as Oisin, Niamh
eternal releasing your mythic death.

As Sinann flows with the salmon of wisdom,
so too does Manannan ride the waves of wanderlust
searching farthest shores for sweet succour at
swan maiden’s breast and selkies’ moonlit whispers. There is a gate at the Isle of Avalonian apples Manannan makes a cider of immortality and ushers on souls on a dapple steed Nuada Silverhand guards the gates of gold under waters thick and cold as the Morrigan’s heart this magic is breathtaking and breaking, the
Trickster Lord of the Waters, Manannan Mac Lir
is tempest usurpant, enchanter disguised by starlight
and they say if you cry seven tears into the high tide
and whisper the secrets of your heart, Manannan will
appear under his mistress moon, take his driftwood staff
and knight you and lift you up to be tithe to peace.
Ride him into the afterlife, on shoulders sun leather,
Breathe in the salt of sweat and ages on Atlantic
dive deep and pluck pearl hearts, and know, Manannan’s
stride is ten league boots, and you are walking on the
shore into the faraway place where dusk light kisses
a smoky sea horizon, and all is calm swells in his hall
so eat Arthurian apples, sweet as roses, and remember
it twas Mananan that found you and brought you home!

Image by Jonathan O’Farrell

Allie is a rather bubbly blonde that currently attends grad school for science communication, has a rather useless degree in biology, and works in the environmental field. She can usually be found hugging trees, eating green curry with tofu, or exploring the wilds of D.C.. Allie is an avid poet, aspiring author, meme queen, speculative fiction enthusiast, and alien centaur aficionado. She also has about 600 lipsticks.

You can find her at Dances With Tricksters

Jonathan O’Farrell: “I guess you might describe me as a semi-nomad, at the moment . . . and in the moment, I might change. I am transitioning into a creative life, blogging, photography and, significantly, the publication of my first two photographically illustrated poetry anthologies, this year.”

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