#tbt A Normal Life – Nicholas Gagnier

Nicholas Gagnier/FVR Publishing

FVR Publishing


You say you want
a normal life, but
you’re special beyond price.

A floodlight of sentiment,
sponge of undeserved detriment,
a testament to not quite

You want to be everyone
else simultaneously, but
you’re a maverick,
beautiful with a glowing
asterisk beside
your name.

Welcome as rain on
July days,

pointing out the
darkest clouds in our
cloudless delusions, showing us love is not
without its bruises.

Yet the
blackest blues of
unspoken truths couldn’t make me
less inseparable from
what makes you incredible.

And what’s love without some pain?

You say you
want a normal life,
benefits and dental,
house, cars, kids,
but the persona’s
just a rental,
materials of a

badly assembled masquerade, and to what end? Taping back together broken home movies, trying to make childhood injustice pay dividends?

We are the middlemen of malaise, children of mid-history, viscerally mapped,

antagonists scrapped because evil

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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