Oldepunk/RamJet Poetry

RamJet Poetry


grime, and keyed latch

finger on the pulse

nock arrow and let fly

1 million ways to communicate

they can’t talk to the real

summer and the dregs

appalled at the pall hanging

over the city streets

a shimmer has found niche

cloister like a group of bangers

over an 8th of Himalayan

mad flash mob dance

garbled foot speech

rings out in Korean

screeching magpie roosts rook

rickshaw glam band hangover

money expanding, witness

the stand over man or woman

he hid the kids in the backyard

a shelter from the outside

the bigger monsters live close

at hand it touches the bruise

plum purple eye socket

tell me again how much you love

methinks it’s improper to scream

growing groceries in the hothouse

gangs of green meet greed

proud as a new mother

turn the volume up, cover the shudder

knock-kneed rejects spin blaspheme

it’s all rage and…

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