Le Grande Mort

Allie Nelson/Dances With Tricksters

Dances with Tricksters

I will be cryptic, I will be cruel, Lady of misrule
you will be stripped bare to bone, pennants of flesh
mine to butterfly pin, I dissected your lungs, I claimed
your pinky phalanges and made a ring of your marrow so
that I had some queendom over Death, Death just wants to
enfold canaries in black coal, Death just coaxes larvae
out of pupa and is a breeding ground for dreamers, we
taste it at wedding toasts in blood red wine and we
feel heady sexual tension release le petit mort, and
to swim and sink and float in the abyss is to be freed.
Don’t you know Death is transformation? Don’t you know
the soul is beyond matter, that eternity is in the rain?
A raindrop, so fleeting, mirrors of the soul, and I have
mastered Death, and I am witness to his Crucifixion on
pale horse and…

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