I was that Bitch

Henna Sjöblom/Murder Tramp Birthday

HJD writes

Bildresultat för sexy bubblegum girl photography

I was that bitch who stole your boyfriend
swept him away with my velvet-heeled charm
I was that bitch who hung up on you
when you called me at 2am and said you wanted to kill yourself

I was the bitch who didn’t tell you
your mascara had run down your cheek in PE
I was the bitch who pried through the prison fences
while you prayed for forgiveness

(heavens help you now)

I was that bitch who didn’t say no when you pushed into me without consent, which indeed makes me equally guilty
you said you wanted to be there in case anything happened
I said I’ll send you a postcard from the abortion clinic

(Wish you were here)

I was the bitch you swore you’d dreamt of your entire life, weaving fetish fantasies with corset stitches. I was the bitch who stayed, who talked, fucked, and fed from your…

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5 thoughts on “I was that Bitch

  1. I had to reread this because my first impression was unease and uncertainty. A beautiful write technically but it deserves closer inspection because on the surface it’s saying one thing but beneath the surface something quite different almost opposite and it’s that incredibly clever wrangling of language that makes this poets work so memorizing each and every time. She’s a cyclone of talent.

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    • Ow my heart. That was so just were I was going with this thing and I’m so glad you noticed. I don’t mind making people uncomfortable but if someone can truly see the heart beneath it all I’m dazzled. Thank you for your kind words. ❤


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