#tbt Half-Smoked Heart – Nicholas Gagnier

Nicholas Gagnier/FVR Publishing

FVR Publishing


I never was so good with friendship. Some part always meant to be, but the words were awkward, the outcome a shoe-lace I couldn’t stop tripping over. I was always a loner, uncomfortably closer to myself than social orders.

I fell in love with ideas but never the woman in front of me, let her touch but never make me bloody. My heart is frozen, and only holds water in a solid state.

July will be sweltering, but I’ll never be melting, because I carry so much of last winter’s weight.

I was never good with children because I’m still a child, feeling broken, defiled, wishing my mother had named me something else. I wish my father had felt something like warmth and my siblings didn’t see me courting self-harm for sport.

I was a terrible villain, even worse at remorse. Couldn’t have been a superhero because I’m the dark…

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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