The Waiting Room/Caterina Gentile

It is a heated chamber
Off of medication
I dream of a gaping vortex in the sky
A whole in the universe and spinning
The awkward silence between you and I
Laughter from behind a shut door
We are all the same
A schizo? Nervous? Lonely?
Abused. Abandoned. Depressed.
I wonder what your day consists of
Or what you have to go home to
-or what you don’t-
Or where you came from.
In session, we do not disturb.
Out of session is a different story.

C.Gentile is a poet currently in the process of obtaining her master’s degree in English Literary Studies at Salem State University. She is a self-proclaimed Star Wars nerd, novelty sock enthusiast and passionate lover of Canada Dry ginger-ale products. In her spare time she enjoys watching movies listening to 90’s alternative music and spending time with close friends and family.

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