We, the sick. (Collaboration with Georgia Park of Sudden Denouement Publishing)

Georgia Park & Anthony Gorman

hands in the garden

It was truly my honour to mush words with Sudden Denouement’s own Georgia Park She has such a vibrant, true approach to writing.  Her words encouraged me to lower some guards and trim some of my own verbose inclinations for the sake of resonance.  I hope this sticks in your guts, as it should.  Visiting her website is an exercise in exorcism. Do it.

we, the sickThey say the sickest people

are the ones who refuse medication

because they don’t trust it

but what if i’m not depressed?

Maybe life’s just not worth living

I list out the reasons to end it

and logically, they just make sense


They say us cured ones

are wise, and swallow without reflection

because we don’t think to question.

What if I’m still depressed, 

I dread the shield is getting thicker

Maybe life’s worth living,

can’t comment, can’t even feel it

I list out the…

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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