Human Stains

S. K. Nicholas

S. K. Nicholas


She writes down the names of her favourites stars on a sheet of lined paper, swallows her wine, then skips around the room somewhere between the giddy highs of elation and the unutterable despair that comes from knowing life can’t last forever. Today there’s magic and the lightness of being, and then tomorrow she’s shovelling the ashes of another failed dream. One second it seems as if those dreams are as real as the air she breathes, and then the next she’s rolling around on the ground with not a single ounce of hope left in her shrinking, tiny heart. Raising her hand to her brow, she wipes away the beads of sweat with the cuff of her shirt before opening the window and looking out across town. Her dreams are out there somewhere, she’s sure of it. They’re like the stars she studies, so graceful and full of mystery…

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