Eerie sonic candy coated wunderkinds

Olde Punk

RamJet Poetry


kettle-corn cottonmouth kerosene

insouciant AI identifies my face

flipping my burger on the floor

treating me the same as any human

beagles barking batshit crazy borders

shooting past the shootings on Google’s lead

I don’t see the need to plead with the beast

already in place

which wolf will you feed?

rust and shadow poetry and rose

pizza boxes and anti-trusts, matriculate

plastic is eating the ocean and China

is having a laugh at what it will cost to clean

moribund taciturn republican fist

we’re all gonna die in the rain and the mist

if you get the gist on Netflix list

arrowroot my feet to the table

throw the stones and bury the bones

that will keep us all happy, post it to the story

snap, snap, look at what I ate and drank

you may not be a Nixon but you could be

a Kissinger messenger dating app

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