2 thoughts on “Divine Mercy

  1. You deliciously torture me. So many dripping, redolent lines. It is a stream the writing, you are it.
    ” my limbs were
    rotating on the axis mundi, and my head unscrewed in his
    hands like a marinette, and I was just a toolkit of a
    soul on its way to higher ground, a puzzle for the Savior
    to solve, and painstakingly he carpentered and fixed the
    holy wooden golem of my body, ”

    . . . and another bite . . .

    ” That is what Divine Mercy is, love for what you think is
    irredeemable, no questions asked at the gates of Paradise,
    just a warm kiss on the brow and anointment and embrace,
    for we are all children of the Goddess . . . “

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