Divine Mercy

Allie Nelson

Dances with Tricksters

And Saint Faustina was plagued by devils and angels
dancing on her hairpins, walked with Christ and was
married to his Passion, saw ecstatic and terrible
visions, but when the Spear of Destiny pierced sweet
Jesus’ side, out poured the blood of the Sacrament and
baptismal waters, I have drunk my fill of those streams
of heavenly bodies as I suckled at his wound, and the
taste was like honeysuckle blossoms on a hot summer’s
day, and sweet mad Faustina saw a vision of brilliant
rivers flowing from Christ’s heart, rays of pink and
green, and he came to me last night wrapped in white,
dampened by a storm at sea as he was a water strider,
lighting my room with lightning, and the Mercy poured
from his pulsing heart like a chalice, and my room was
a maze of celestial blue sigils and rolling thunder of
God in scripture…

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Author: Kindra M. Austin

Author of fiction, poetry, and very sweary social commentary. Editor and writer for Sudden Denouement, Whisper and the Roar, and Blood Into Ink. Founder of One for Sorrow. Founding member of Indie Blu(e).

2 thoughts on “Divine Mercy”

  1. You deliciously torture me. So many dripping, redolent lines. It is a stream the writing, you are it.
    ” my limbs were
    rotating on the axis mundi, and my head unscrewed in his
    hands like a marinette, and I was just a toolkit of a
    soul on its way to higher ground, a puzzle for the Savior
    to solve, and painstakingly he carpentered and fixed the
    holy wooden golem of my body, ”

    . . . and another bite . . .

    ” That is what Divine Mercy is, love for what you think is
    irredeemable, no questions asked at the gates of Paradise,
    just a warm kiss on the brow and anointment and embrace,
    for we are all children of the Goddess . . . “

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