Jimmi Campkin

jimmi campkin


I inhale the smoke and gasp under the lights in this jet black room.  Sweating bodies and dead flesh grind and bump around me, so much cadaverous globules.  The first pill hasn’t kicked in yet – I can still taste dry ice and hairspray – so I pop another and dream of my future.

Above me on the stage, the party is just getting started.  But I don’t party.  I’m looking for sensation, real feeling.  I see empty men and indifferent women, just so many appendages and openings, no more atuned to love as the assembly instructions for furniture.  I’ve already seen a Princess, but the low bass throb is reacting badly with my shoes and I’m struggling to move more than five yards a minute.

It doesn’t matter.  She comes over to me, just as the second pill kicks in, and her eyes turn into a pair of gold…

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4 thoughts on “Driplets

  1. It’s, always easy, to try to find an escape temporarily, but eventually, we all have to, come back down from the highs we’re, getting, and deal with whatever problems we are faced with in our separate lives…


    • Taurusingemini- we are always grateful when readers take the time to read and respond. I’m sure you don’t intend this, but your comments often across as “judgy” or like a quote from self-help book or motivational poster. Part of the thrill of the writing on a site like Sudden Denouement is getting to sit on the edge of the knife, at least while reading. Its okay to enjoy the ride.

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      • TIG comments on a lot of my posts in this manner. I sometimes think they think everything I write is autobiography, and they are just looking out for me before I self-destruct in some orgy of blood and drugs.

        I appreciate the caring sentiment if nothing else.

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