Running Toward a Hail of Unspoken Gunfire

Nicholas Gagnier/FVR Publishing

FVR Publishing


I haven’t been the one
you want in a minute,
but that’s okay.

The possibilities are
infinite, that’s why they call them variables.

But I wasn’t enough.

Fighting feral
nature, a barrel
of wanderlust and
fuck the
it’s the
fairy dust of impulsive

pierces deeper,
all exit wounds
accounted for,
weapon of math’s

For every noble marksman,
a hundred more shoot for the kill.

And this ain’t
shade but a metaphor
made up on
the spot to
describe black rot at
the heart of
my nihilism, if only
to spare the children
of my loss.

I’m only shooting
targets between
the lines here,
the only
weapon I’ve still got for

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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