Return- Introducing Anthony “Grumpy” Gorman

willed, sordid
relics of infant’s

to ink-toothed
creep, buds sealed
with cement-

thrusting gilded
spade into fermented

grace trickles
out blue blooms of
warm wounds.

© Anthony Gorman 2018

Grumpy Gorman is a writer and visual artist with extensive lived trauma.  He’s worked in the field of Mental Health and addictions in crisis management.  Much of his writing helps with processing the absorbed horrors and sorrows experienced vicariously through the recounts of resilient and amazing clients. Additionally, he lives with the daily splendors and burdens of his own bipolar disorder.  With a fervor for micropoetry, poetry his writing strives to back big emotions into small clusters of words. Grumpy is privileged to share with you. You can read more of his writing at Hands in the Garden

34 thoughts on “Return- Introducing Anthony “Grumpy” Gorman

  1. I feel like a perfect shit for having missed this launch! Welcome Anthony. ❤ I'm so excited to see more of your writing.


  2. Grumpy Gorman is a genius poet with a heart like fire and a voice that carries the heat from within. This is only one of his many masterpieces… I would highly recommend that anyone why reads this follow his blog for his regular posts.

    Liked by 2 people

      • I mean every word. You have been one of my favorite poets on this platform since the beginning. You are so genuine and objectively skilled in communicating your thoughts and experiences… Thank you for your engagement in my writing just the same.

        Liked by 1 person

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