Working for the Weakness

Nicholas Gagnier/FVR Publishing

FVR Publishing

Want to ask for help but
won’t drag you to
these depths,

bring you to my level
where game overs play out like
Russian roulette.

Working for the weakness is
like the weekend
starting on a Tuesday,

concluding midweek; whiteout conditions in July is just a sign of defeat.

North of the forty-five is
where parallels
between us nosedive,

too cold inside for even back home.

And darling I know
you just want to save me
like some newborn bird,

but this sickness is deep
in my words, infecting
every turn of phrase.

Yet, it can’t
articulate an
origin, too high on

the endorphins of its own

Hold me, tentative as it all may seem. Help me burn down the present, because matches leave holes in my pocket,

and the future feeds on change.

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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