The Elephant

Erich Michaels


C87C9A7B-E67B-4485-A2BC-27FCEAA75BAB     Try to think of something else

     Easier said

     Spiral slide at hand

The sun! The glorious sun!

Stand at the window’s warmth

     There are those that—

     STOP IT

     —are kept in base—


Go for a walk and count the steps

Touch the street signs in passing

Talk about the weather with a stranger

     How many people can’t—


     The flashlight can’t reach the bottom

     The spiral slide is too deep


Do a pencil sketch of a tree

The leaves are backlit stained glass

In mother nature’s cathedral 

There is hope in a child’s laughter

     The color red and purple’s blossom

     Tear trails on dirty faces

     The door is too far for her

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