Second Supper

Nicole Lyons/The Lithium Chronicles

The Lithium Chronicles

There is thing in my throat,
I cough and I hack,
and I clear my schedule
for every dead-beat dad
and long lost survivor
of something
that is offensive right now,
but it still catches;
it still wiggles its way
into the muck,
and it sticks here,
right fucking here,
between the roof
of my mouth and the shit
apologies I swallowed
yesterday, back in the day,
before I tasted anything
that had been seasoned
with honesty.
There is this thing in my throat,
and it swings on the hinges
of my gag reflex,
and I gulp and I breathe,
and I swallow it again.
Over and over.
I swallow it again,
because it keeps crawling
out of my belly and back
up my throat every time
I get used
to the idea of eating anything
other than shame or the ugliness
that has been dished
out and served up.

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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