Icarus and His Mother, Elizabeth

Stephen Fuller/Pointed Home

Pointed Home

I can’t wait for the moon, can you?
Said the boy to his mother.
She responded, I have been waiting.

Waiting with the moon, the woman stands
As the ocean steals sand from under her
Feet, she begins to fall and wonders:

Moon, why have I waited here for so long,
When a man drives the sun in a chariot across
The sky burning everything in his path?

They warned her the moon wouldn’t shine
As bright, explaining, it just reflects the sun.
Nevertheless, she persisted, reflecting light.

When the boy finally fell to Earth, wings singed,
Wax melted, now wiser, he said to his mother
I should’ve waited, with you, for the moon.

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Author: Sudden Denouement

A Global Literary Collective

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